Police asks MCC to suspend trade licenses of three shops

Police Commissioner Kuldeep Kumar R. Jain has asked Mangaluru City Corporation Commissioner to suspend trade licenses of three shops in the city that were found illegally selling e-cigarettes and also foreign brand cigarettes.

Mr. Jain has sought action against “Amantrana” shop, “Unique World Mobile and Hukka” shop, and “Fantastic World”, all operating in Saibeen Complex, off Lalbagh Road.

Following a raid on August 21, the Barke police seized from Unique World Mobile and Hukka shop owned by Hassan Shareef, 50 e-cigarettes and 49 boxes of foreign branded cigarettes, which did not have statutory cigarette warning over 85% of the cigarette packet.

From Amantrana Shop owned by one Swathi, the police seized 15 e-cigarettes and 21 foreign branched cigarettes. At Fantastic World shop owned by Rehamatullah, the police seized 131 foreign branched and Indian cigarettes that did not have statutory warning.

Cases were registered against the shop owners under Prohibition of Electronic Cigarettes Act-2019 and Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act.

Mr. Jain said these three shops were searched in April this year and police recovered e-cigarettes and foreign cigarettes from these shops.