Political war: Sachin Pilot and Ashok Gehlot now have a one-on-one fight

2 hours ago

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The internal battle of the Congress in Rajasthan has now turned into an all-out war. In response to Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot’s statement, finally his junior leader Sachin Pilot also exploded. Sachin directly attacked Gehlot for the first time. They have done attack and sarcasm earlier also but have been doing it from here and there, avoiding it.

Not so this time. Earlier, Gehlot had said that the Congress MLAs who have taken money from the BJP should return it because nobody’s money should be kept. If someone else’s money is with us, we cannot work freely. There is always a kind of pressure on us. In response, Sachin retaliated fiercely. Said- What and what kind can be expected from the Chief Minister who keeps making such allegations against his own MLAs? Allegations are also on those MLAs, who took him to this chair of the Chief Minister.

Not only this, Sachin even said that those whose whole life is based on money, they do not think of anything other than money throughout their life. That’s why the Chief Minister is saying this, so there is nothing surprising in it.

Targeting Gehlot for the first time, Sachin said what can be expected from the Chief Minister who accuses his own MLAs.

Targeting Gehlot for the first time, Sachin said what can be expected from the Chief Minister who accuses his own MLAs.

Sachin looked badly hurt by Gehlot’s statements this time. He said that we too have held important positions. We have also been in public life for years. We also know how to make allegations. We can also open our tongue. But we remained silent even after being abused. Because we know how to be in moderation. What do you want to do by repeatedly accusing your own MLAs? To whom and what do you want to show? Explain something! After all, would this reverse current have any meaning? If yes then explain. We are ready to understand. Sachin said- I was the deputy CM. An attempt was made to slap sedition on me.

What was my fault after all? We were going to complain to the Congress high command in Delhi, then for two years we are being insulted by shouting Manesar-Manesar. How long to endure? Why endure? We are also soldiers of the party. workers! Why be silent? and for how long?

Well, this is Sachin’s talk, now the Manesar in whose name Sachin is getting so angry, it was not even such a simple thing, as Sachin told in a straight way. Something was wrong. No one knows what it was more than Sachin and Gehlot. But the truth is that now the Sachin-Gehlot fight has reached the point where there is no scope for any kind of compromise. Now neither side is going to bow down and neither side is going to stop at any point.