Population: Now we are the biggest, even than China, now no one can stop us from becoming a superpower

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  • Now we are the biggest, bigger than China, now no one can stop us from becoming a superpower

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India is now going to become the biggest power in the world. The United Nations has announced on Wednesday that the population of India has now exceeded that of China. India’s population has now reached 142 crores, which is three crores more than that of China. For the last few years, China had started the work of controlling its population, as a result of which the population decreased instead of increasing last year.

Now only China is regretting its act. Although officially he is hiding his face by saying that quality population is needed, not quantity. This argument can only be called dogmatic. After all, what does a country want to say by calling its own citizens as quantity i.e. a kind of inefficient crowd.

India is going to benefit from the increase in population in the years to come. The most beautiful thing about our population is that the age of half of the total population ie fifty percent is below thirty years. It simply means that there is no country as young as ours. More than fifty percent of the population of a country being young means that it has the largest work force.

Due to the large work force, the development of the country takes place at a quadruple speed. When the pace of development increases, then the measures to improve the economy start working as soon as possible. When the economy moves towards rapid improvement, then no one can stop that country from becoming a superpower. Overall, we are moving towards becoming a superpower.

When the number of youth increases a lot, skill development also starts touching new dimensions. This skill is going to make us the leader of the world. The demand for our skills will increase in the world and the world will be drawn towards us for the sake of skills. Apple’s coming to India is a reflection of this.

If a big company like Apple has come to India after China, then at least some Indian skill is included in it. Then our market is so big that the world is looking at us with greedy eyes. It is going to increase further in future. It remains to be seen how fast our government, our system moves to make such a large work force efficient and how the wheels of development are able to run at a fast pace.

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