Presidential elections will lead to general elections: Draupadi Murmu’s victory will be celebrated in 1.30 lakh tribal villages, only Murmu’s picture will be in the posters

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Voting for the 16th presidential election is to be held on 18 July. NDA candidate Draupadi Murmu’s victory in the election is considered almost certain. This is the reason why BJP and its allies have also started preparations for the victory of Draupadi Murmu. BJP is preparing to celebrate the victory of Daupadi Murmu in about 1 lakh 30 thousand tribal villages and 15 thousand mandals of the country.

Preparing to give political message from Draupadi’s victory
As soon as the victory of Draupadi Murmu is announced, celebrations will start across the country. With the victory of Draupadi, BJP wants to give a special message to the entire country including the tribal community and especially to women. To send a political message to this community cut off from the mainstream that Prime Minister Modi and BJP are the only parties that work not for power but for the deprived sections and sections of the country. This is the reason why party workers have been given strict instructions not to put any other leader’s picture with Draupadi Murmu in the poster after the victory. It is believed that the party has started preparing for the general elections to be held in 2024 since the presidential election.

Ahead of the presidential election, the BJP organized a voting workshop on July 13 at the national headquarters. In this workshop, polling agents of every state were called, who were trained for voting. The leaders involved in the workshop were given dummy ballot papers and explained how to vote using it.

Election results will come on July 21
Now on July 16, BJP has called a meeting of its legislature party in every state, where trained polling agents will explain the voting process to the legislators. If no MLA is present during this time, instructions have also been given to give his information in the office of the National President. The presidential election will be held on July 18 and the results will be out on July 21. Let us tell you that Yashwant Sinha has been made the Presidential candidate in the United Opposition.

This is how presidential election happens
The election of the President is not like a general election. In this, the public does not participate directly, but the MLAs and MPs who have been elected by the public, they take part. The weightage of the vote of an MLA and an MP is different. According to Article 54 of the Constitution, the President is elected by the Electoral College. The representation of its members is proportional. That is, their single vote is transferred, but their second choice is also counted.

This is how the electoral college is formed
Members of Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and Vidhan Sabha together form the electoral college for the election of the President. The electoral college is made up of 776 MPs (excluding nominated) and 4120 MLAs of the Legislative Assembly. The total value of the electoral college is 10,98,803.

This is how voting happens

  • The participating members cast their vote for the candidate of their choice first among the candidates.
  • He tells the members in the ballot paper what are their first, second and third choice for the post of President.
  • If the first choice votes do not decide the winner, the voter’s second choice is transferred to the candidate’s account as a new single vote.
  • That is why it is called Single Transferable Vote.

This is how the weightage of votes of MLAs is decided
The weightage of votes of MLAs depends on the population of the state and the number of assembly constituencies. To get the weightage of votes, the population of the state is divided by the number of elected MLAs, after which the number that comes is divided by 1000. In this way it is the weightage of one vote of the MLA of that state. If the number obtained after dividing is more than 500, then 1 is added to it.

This is how the weight of MP’s vote is decided
The votes of the elected members of the state legislatures are added to the weightage. Now this weightage is divided by the total number of elected members of Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha. The number thus obtained is the weightage of an MP’s vote. If this division leaves the remainder more than 0.5, then one is added to the weighting.

This is how victory and defeat are decided
Winning a presidential election is not the only way to get more votes. The President becomes the one who receives more than half of the total weightage of the votes of MPs and MLAs. Suppose the total weightage of the votes of the members of the electoral college for the presidential election is 10,98,882. The candidate will have to secure 5,49,442 votes. Whoever gets this number first, is elected President.

they have the right to vote

  • Members of both the Houses of Parliament (Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha)
  • elected members of state legislatures
  • Member of Legislative Assembly of the National Capital Territory of Delhi and the Union Territory of Puducherry

They can’t vote

  • Nominated members of Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha or Legislative Assemblies
  • members of state legislative councils

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