Punjab: Punjab is now the first state to implement ‘right to walk’. India News – Times of India

New Delhi: Amidst a steady rise in the deaths of pedestrians and cyclists, Punjab ‘has taken the lead among the States and Union Territories to implement’right of wayBy making it mandatory for all road-owning agencies including NHAITo provide footpaths and cycle tracks in future road expansion and construction of new roads, reports Deepak Dash.
The state government has issued these directions following two court orders following PILs being filed in Punjab and Punjab Haryana HC And the other in the Supreme Court.
According to a communication from the Chief Secretary of Punjab Vijay Kumar Janjua Navdeep Asija, traffic advisor to the Punjab government, said “all future expansion of existing roads and construction of new roads, with mandatory provision of cycle tracks and footpaths should be done by all road-owning departments and agencies”.

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Right of way is a good idea. Pedestrian paths and cycle tracks should be made everywhere. However, we should also audit the existing tracks and check their deficiencies. For example, such tracks are regularly invaded by motorbikes. In addition, pedestrian-only tracks often have large gaps, making walking a dangerous exercise. In other words, the right to walk should be converted into a proper mission and every angle should be taken care of to make it a success.

The letter sent last week states that all agencies such as Public Works DepartmentLocal bodies, NHAI and urban development departments have been directed to prepare an action plan for laying footpaths and cycle tracks with time limits and budget provision.