R. Mutharasan says Governor R.N. Ravi should have been sacked

State Secretary of the Communist Party of India R. Mutharasan told reporters in Tiruchy on Friday that the central government should have sacked Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi for acting against the Constitution of India.

In his view, “the Governor’s address to the Legislative Assembly is purely formal and he has no right to criticize or deviate from the text approved by the Council of Ministers. Mr. Ravi is acting against the secular principles of the Constitution of India and the Central Government He should have been sacked and arrested for his secular remarks.

He claimed, “The Center is working as a political arm of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and has not created any public sector enterprise since 2014, but privatization of existing enterprises is on.”

He further said, “The central government acts like an authoritarian and fascist regime due to which the people of this country, including workers and farmers, are seriously affected.” He said that the Communist Party of India has started door-to-door agitation to create awareness among the people about the problems of price rise and unemployment prevailing in the country.