‘Renovation’ Series Review: Anil Kapoor Is the Saving Grace in Jeremy Renner’s Medium Documentary

A still from ‘Reinervation’ | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Hollywood actor Jeremy Renner plays cricket with school children in a Rajasthan village renovation, And that’s the least surprising aspect of his latest documentary. redistribution with the number one position is special for many reasons as it is the fact that it is the avengersThe actor’s first on-screen appearance after a snow plow accident in which he broke over 30 bones. Unlike his recent films and series which are action-packed, redistribution It is a feel-good documentary that shows us the man behind the actor. Good intentions can save lives but pretending not, and redistributionWhat a mediocre mini-series with some good parts, despite having its heart in the right place.

For those who watch enough automobile shows on History TV and Discovery Turbo, the concept of turning old and rusted vehicles into usable, street-legal vehicles is anything but new. But Renner’s new show is, at least on paper, much more than that. It’s all about giving back to the community, and the show has an interesting idea of ​​choosing four charities and creating a vehicle customized to fit that particular charity’s need.

For Chicago’s Bess, it’s a mobile music bus, while for Mexico’s Casa Hogar, they create a mobile dance studio. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Reno has received a mobile entertainment center and a mobile water treatment center for the India-based Uva Jagriti Sansthan. If that’s not enough, Reiner oversees operations and brings in a celebrity friend for each episode to present the modified vehicle to charity. In addition to cameos from Anthony Mackie, Vanessa Hudgens, Anil Kapoor and Sebastian Yatra, we are also introduced to Renner’s business partner Rory Millikin and his crew of fabricators.

Renovation (English)

creator: jeremy renner

mould: Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, Vanessa Hudgens, Anil Kapoor, Sebastian Yatra, Rory Millikin

Episode: 4

runtime: 45-50 minutes

Streaming Platform: disney+hotstar

Story: Jeremy Renner teams up with celebrities and helps communities in need by refurbishing retired vehicles into purpose-built vehicles

redistribution Tries to be a feel-good show about community service, and it ticks all the right boxes. However, it largely comes across as a boring documentary that rarely entertains. For starters, builders are given a deadline to transform dilapidated buses and trucks into unique projects on wheels, and we watch them crack their heads over coming up with a solution. This raises the question as to why a vehicle meant for underprivileged children should be completed within a time limit. Even if we go beyond the obvious doubt as to why Rainer has more than 200 space-munching vehicles, from a humble buggy to a firetruck, the limitations, challenges and The changes feel more sculpted than the trucks themselves.

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Reiner, while a brilliant actor, is not a great show presenter, and it shows when he interacts with the children under Charity’s care. Of course, the emotion displayed and the tears expended are undeniable, but the video calls he makes to his celebrity friends, who agree to the task before Reiner can even finish his sentence, are a nod to the mobile dance studio. Feels more staged than built fabricator. Surprisingly, it is Rory who brings much needed entertainment to the show. The banter between him and Reiner is funny. The opening credits show Reiner saying, “I want the activism and thoughtfulness of others cool as f***,” only for Rory to say “You can’t say f*** on Disney, dude.” “

This episode featuring Anthony Mackie and our very own Anil Kapoor who feel more organic thanks to his charismatic off-screen persona. Mackie’s episode featured a nostalgic shot of the two the avengers The actors briefly travel on a military Hummer linked to their scenes from the 2008 war film hurt Locker, But this is the last episode featuring Reiner Mission: Impossible – Ghost ProtocolCo-starring Anil Kapoor who steals the show. Unlike other stars who appear in their respective episodes only to shake a leg at the end, Kapoor appears throughout the fourth episode, mocking Rory, discussing plans with the fabricators, giving ideas that making it the final design and of course, shaking a leg. ,

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Unlike the first three episodes concerned with finding solutions to comparatively easy problems, the Indian episode deals with building a mobile water treatment plant for children who do not have access to clean drinking water. The beautiful way the episode takes shape makes you wonder why it’s the only one outside the North American continent and why it can’t be – like Reiner’s recent films – a globe-trotting show, helping those in need in other regions. Helps countries like Africa and Middle East where more lives are lost due to lack of basic needs.

Renner’s best moments in the show are when he talks about his love for theater and music. Bender, one of their lead fabricators, also tears up and shares a story about how he was bought into foster homes. But these sentimental and poignant stretches are way too limited for a show that attempts to make us shed some happy tears. Despite showcasing the importance of community service, and what a huge positive difference can be made when like minded minds come together, redistribution A painfully simple show that almost fails to entertain.

Renown is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar