Residents angry over illegal parking, demanding strict rules. Bhubaneswar News – Times of India

Bhubaneswar: The streets of the city’s residential colonies and localities are packed with haphazardly parked vehicles leaving little space for pedestrians. The residents said that they are facing severe inconvenience due to parking policy and paucity of space in the residential areas while the authorities are not taking any steps despite repeated complaints.
“Nothing can be worse than an ambulance not being able to enter a lane because of a parked vehicle. By the time people locate the owner of the vehicle and ask him to move his car, the patient’s condition It had deteriorated and he breathed his last. Shastri Nagar Barista Citizen Forum.
Mohanty said, “Cars will be found parked almost everywhere on the streets of the colony, on the side of the road, under trees, in front of parks, shops and temples, over drains.” He said that the residential welfare associations have taken up the issue several times with the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation and the Police Commissionerate, but to no avail.
This view of vehicles standing bumper to bumper is not only in Shastri Nagar. Be a martyr city, Satya NagarBaouji Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Forest Park, Nayapalli, Baramunda, Saubhagya NagarBe it Jagmara, Maitri Vihar, Niladri Vihar or Sailashree Vihar, the story is the same everywhere.
The situation is worse in areas with large commercial establishments or hospitals, or houses rented out to educational institutions or private offices.
“The city is witnessing a massive transformation with commercial establishments almost everywhere. Due to being a hospital here, there is no place to park vehicles for the patients. That is why they are looking for parking space in the streets and byways causing inconvenience to the residents. The BMC should come up with micro-zoning rules so that commercial establishments like hospitals, offices, schools and corporate offices are not allowed to come up in residential areas,” said Ashok Kumar Behera, a resident of Unit-4.
Urban planners said that real estate has seen rapid growth in Bhubaneswar in the last few years, but supplementary parking space has not increased, but open spaces have been encroached upon.
“Single-floor houses have been converted into highrises. While more families moved into the same space for nuclear families, the supporting infrastructure remained roughly the same. As living standards improved, families bought more than one car, but parking space remained for such a chaotic situation,” said PK Das, a retired Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) employee.
Bhubaneswar mayor Sulochana Das “We are aware of the problem and have previously launched a campaign with the police to check unauthorized parking. Many roads in the city have been declared as no parking zones. We will ensure strict enforcement of illegal parking in the coming days.