Rijiju targeted the Supreme Court: said- the government’s role in the appointment of judges is limited, due to pending cases, the appointment of judges

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Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju targeted the Supreme Court on Thursday. He said that the government has a very limited role in the appointment of judges. Whereas it is the right of the government to appoint judges. During this, he also criticized the collegium system. Rijiju said that it is worrying that more than five crore cases are pending across the country. The main reason behind this is the appointment of judges.

Rijiju was replying to a question in Parliament on the huge number of pending cases in the country. During this he said these things. The Union Minister said that the government has taken several steps to reduce the pendency of cases, but the role of the government in filling the vacant posts of judges is very limited. She selects the names sent by the collegium, apart from this the government has no right to appoint judges.

Hits out at collegium system
The government often asked the Chief Justice of India and Chief Justices of High Courts to send names of judges. The government wanted that India should get competent judges, in which women should also participate, but the present system did not pay attention to the sentiments of the Parliament or the people of the country.

I do not want to say much, because it may appear that the government is interfering in the judiciary. However, the spirit of the constitution says that it is the right of the government to appoint judges.

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