Rubrik: As digital goes strong, Indian industry remains vulnerable to cyber attacks: Rubrik – Times of India

New Delhi: As digital engagement in India becomes deeper and more sophisticated, a large number of companies and organizations in the country are facing the threat of cyber attacks, including ransomware attempts, according to the US-headquartered data security and cloud data management company. Surname,
The company said that a survey showed that the incidence of cyber attacks remains high India ink., causing loss of data and business customers. “In India, 26% of respondents reported that their organizations experienced more than 100 attempted cyber attacks within the past year alone and 51% of companies faced loss of customers as a result of a cyber attack,” Bipul Sinha, Co-Founder And CEO Rubrik said.
Sinha said that as the dependence on data-heavy technology is increasing, the vulnerability of this data to cybercrime is increasing. gradually, “It is critical that organizations focus on mitigating the impact of a cyber attack, rather than eliminating it entirely,” he added.
Cyber ​​attacks are becoming more sophisticated in nature, requiring more efforts to protect data. “With the ever-increasing complexity of cybercrime, reducing the risk of a ransomware attack to zero has become a herculean task. This ongoing development demands organizations to remain vigilant and prepared for the inevitable occurrence of a cyber attack,” said Sinha.
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