Russia’s Prigozhin says his mercenaries will not fight in Ukraine for now – Times of India

Moscow: Russian mercenary Yevgeny Prigozhin A video was shown welcoming his Wagner fighters to Belarus and telling them that they would no longer participate in ukraine Warning.
In the video, the authenticity of which Reuters could not immediately verify, a man whose voice and Russian language sounded like Prigozhin’s can be heard welcoming his men. The video was reposted on Telegram by their press service.
Prigozhin said, “Welcome, friends… Welcome to the Belarusian soil.” The video was shot after nightfall and it was only possible to understand what Prigozhin’s profile looked like.
Prigozhin said, “We fought honorably.” “You did a great job Russia, What is happening on the front is outrageous and we do not need to get involved in it.”
Prigozhin then tells his men to behave well towards the local people and orders them to train the Belarusian army and gather their strength for a “new journey to Africa”.
Prigozhin said, “And maybe we will return to SMO (Special Military Operations in Ukraine) at some point when we are sure that we will not be forced to embarrass ourselves.”
A man who looked like Dimitri Utkin, who helped find Wagner, then talked to people.
“This is not the end. This is the beginning of the greatest work in the world that will be done very soon,” Utkin said before switching to English. “And welcome to hell!”