Saira Banu Reveals Dilip Kumar Proposed Her In Film Style: ‘He Took Off His Jacket…’ – News18

Saira Banu and Dilip Kumar were married in 1966. (Photo: Instagram)

Saira Banu joined Instagram on July 7 and since then has shared several old pictures remembering her late husband.

The love story of Saira Banu and Dilip Kumar is not hidden from anyone. However, how did the late great actor propose to his girlfriend? on Friday, saira banu He wrote a long note on his Instagram handle about Dilip Sahab’s love for rain. She also revealed how the late actor proposed her in Bollywood style at Juhu beach.

He wrote, “Sahab loved rain and if he was out of the house in a meeting and it started raining… he would immediately happily call me saying, ‘Saira is raining!’

Saira Banu further added, “In fact, many years ago when we were walking through Juhu beach in the stillness of a wonderful night, suddenly there was a rain shower and he protectively took off his jacket and put it on my shoulders. .. It was that magical night when we sat in his car and he asked me… will you marry me?”

In her post, Saira Banu also revealed that Dilip Sahab had bought a beautiful piece of land at a hill station in Maharashtra and shared that they used to spend rainy days there to create beautiful memories. “We walked for miles in the rain, wearing mackintoshes with our umbrellas over stony and green ground, picking up shiny grass pebbles and throwing them as far as we could in a competition to outdo each other… of course , sir will always win… I used to always run and collect these stones… and I still have each stone and cherish it by blowing in the wind,” she concluded.

Saira Banu joined Instagram on July 7, which also happened to be the death anniversary of her late husband and legendary actor Dilip Kumar. Since then she has shared many throwback pictures remembering Dilip Sahab.

Please tell that Saira Banu and Dilip Kumar were married in 1966. At that time Saira Banu was only 22 years old. The pair had also done a few films together including Jwar Bhata, Sagina and Bairaag. They spent 56 years together before Dilip Sahab passed away in July 2021.