Samsung brings 2x zoom to Galaxy S23 series – Times of India

When Samsung launched Galaxy S23 series phones back in January, it came with 1x, 3x and 10x (in case of Ultra) zoom toggles in the camera app. The company has now added a dedicated 2x zoom toggle via an update to Camera Assistant app to Galaxy S23 series phones.

Galaxy S23 series phones gets dedicated 2x zoom
Camera Assistant app update brings several new features and improvements to the app, including 2x zoom crop for Galaxy S23 series phones. The company has even updated the Camera Assistant listing on Galaxy Store with all the changes which includes “Add the optical quality crop zoom [S23]”.

The listing also mentions that users will require an update after August to be able to use the feature within the camera app.
Also, Samsung has mentioned that this isn’t a standard zoom mode. Samsung has named it Optical Quality Crop Zoom. Which indicates that the zoom offered as a part of this will offer quality as good as optical zoom. Samsung has explained that it uses the in-sensor zoom technology to offer the 2x zoom and that’s why the quality is expected to be as good as the dedicated 3x and 10x sensors.
Here’s a complete changelog of Camera Assistant app
– Support version : One UI 5.1 or higher
– Support model : S23/S22/S21/S20/Note20/Fold5/Flip5/Fold4/Flip4/Fold3/Flip3/Fold2/Flip
– Add the optical quality crop zoom [S23]
(Need software update after August)
– Add the adaptive pixel [S23]
– Delete the fast capture of high resolution [S23]
(Need software update after June)
– Add Prioritize focus over speed [S23]
– Support Auto lens switching [S21/S20/Note20/Fold4/Fold3]
(Need software update after April)
Support new features :
– Support version : One UI 5.1 or higher
– Support model : S23/S22/S21/S20/Note20/Fold4/Flip4/Fold3/Flip3/Fold2/Flip
Support new features : S23, S22 ONEUI5.1
1. Add Picture softening step
– OFF / 50 (addition) / 100
2. Add Capture Speed Step
– Speed priority, picture quality precondition
3. Timer multi-photo options
– In addition of shooting intervals (currently 1.5 seconds fixed) settings
4. Dim screen while recording
– The function to set the screen dark when shooting video
5. Quick tap shutter
– Take pictures as soon as your finger touches the Shutter button instead of when you lift it off. You can still swipe or press and hold the Shutter button to capture GIFs, burst shots, and videos, but a picture will be taken too.
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