Sangh Parivar making inroads in Karnataka: trying to connect Dalit-OBCs with Hindutva and heritage; Sonia’s rally on 6th May

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  • Sangh Parivar trying to connect OBC Dalits with Hindutva legacy in Karnataka

Sujit Thakur11 minutes agoAuthor: Sujit Thakur

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This picture of PM Modi is from the roadshow in Kalburgi. Which happened on 2 May.

In Karnataka, whether it is the election of the Legislative Assembly or the Lok Sabha, the political dominance of the Maths continues for years. But for the first time the Hindutva agenda has been brought on the geo-political map of Karnataka to bring the Dalit and OBC community on its side.

The Sangh and its affiliated organizations have started mobilizing support on a V-shaped political map from Nelamangala (Bengaluru) to Mangaluru and from Mangaluru to Gokarna-Karwar, which have so far been dominated by mathas and castes.

But there is a large section among the Hindus who are away from the influence of Mathas. Efforts to bring such sections together in the name of heritage and Hindutva are paying off.

No vote bank for BJP
Dalits and OBCs are more than 40% in Karnataka as a whole. Vokkaligas and Lingayats are 36%. Dalit-OBCs have been mainly supporters of Congress in the state, whereas in their areas of influence like Hassan, Mandya, their support is also extended to JDS. The BJP does not get much vote from this community or they are not counted as the traditional vote bank of the party.

small meeting every evening, big meeting every month
These communities were also traditionally prevented from keeping their surnames, but the Sangh, working in these areas, is encouraging such people to come forward with their identity and also provides necessary cooperation. In every village, a small meeting of such Dalits and OBCs is held every evening and a big meeting once a month. In these meetings Hindutva, country and heritage are mentioned and stories and videos of famous personalities in the history of OBC-Dalit community are shared.

saenia gandhi rally tomorrow
Congress leader Sainia Gandhi will hold an election rally in Hubli on Saturday. This will be his first rally. On the other hand, Priyanka Gandhi held an election rally in Kanakagiri on Thursday.

Reddy can harm BJP in Telugu speaking areas
Mining baron Janardhan Reddy has formed a party named Kalyan Rajya Pragati Paksha and has fielded 41 candidates in the Kalyan-Karnataka region, which was earlier known as Hyderabad-Karnataka. The number of Telugu speakers is more in these areas adjoining Andhra Pradesh. Here they can cut the votes of BJP. In front of Janardhan Reddy’s wife Lakshmi Aruna is his brother-in-law BJP MLA Samesekhar Reddy.