Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan release extended till August 25: Trade experts feel it will not affect the performance of Shah Rukh Khan’s film but it will impact other releases – Exclusive | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Film Distributors & Exhibitors Raj Bansal It is assured that the rescheduling of Jawan’s release date will impact several releases scheduled both before and after August 25. He says, “It will affect the release dates of other films. Other producers will have to find new release dates.” business Analyst Atul Mohan agrees with Bansal’s assessment and says, “The release date of young Film releases have a significant impact on the entire calendar. The change in the scheduled date will have a ripple effect and will impact films releasing in August. As per the current reports, if Jawan’s release is delayed by 2 months, it will affect all the films releasing in August and September.”
Raj Bansal also says that a rescheduling though will not affect the youngster’s performance prospects. Bansal explains,Shahrukh KhanHis previous release Pathan was a huge hit at the Indian box office, so his next release will generate a lot of excitement among the audience. No other film will release within 2 to 3 weeks. Also, Jawan is again an action thriller.” Atul Mohan also agrees that Jawan will benefit from the buzz of Pathan’s success. Pathan The craze for Shah Rukh has multiplied and Jawan is a pan India film which has the potential to break many records. The trade is eagerly awaiting its release and looking forward to a positive outcome.”
Raj Bansal tells that many big films are going to be released between June and August. He reminds us, “There are several films releasing between June and August – Animal, Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani, Satyaprem Ki Katha, Gadar 2, Adipurush and Maidan.” A popular filmmaker, who has made several mid and small budget films, says on the condition of anonymity, “Big producers and their big films have resources and money, when a big event film like Jawan goes beyond dates. increases. But there are also a lot of small fry in the big ocean that are helpless. Many independent producers who expected to get a handful of shows in the less busy box office weeks found themselves panicking in late August and early August. will continue to run hither and thither. September, when the release of Jawan will make an impact at the box office. These small producers may not be able to reschedule their releases and watch their films go unchallenged.
Film exhibitor and distributor Akshay Rathi believes there is a lot of uncertainty in the film trade circles at the moment. He feels that the summer holiday season could have been an ideal time for a big release. He explains, “Right now, there is a musical chairs-like situation between many films. Most producers are staying tight-lipped and not launching their promotional campaigns based on the fact that big-ticket films like Jawan have to be rescheduled. Everyone will release. Strategies after updating the release calendar of the year. So, right now, it is a bit unfortunate that this summer season, which is supposed to be very beneficial for films, is not seeing any momentum. The ticket film or an important sequel film is ready and finds its place in the June 2 slot which has been vacated by Jawan.”
Rathi points out that post the pandemic, there has been a lot of uncertainty regarding the release strategy of films. He expects many more films to release in theaters every week so that market trends can be analysed. He says, “The producers and analysts will be able to truly understand the audience trends only when there are a lot of films releasing in theaters every week. This phase of temporary strategies and rescheduling is not favorable for the film industry.”