Sharp road like 3D game in MP: separate lane for car, bus and truck, separate for overtake; Helicopter landing facility also

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  • Features of Madhya Pradesh (Delhi Mumbai) Expressway were told. mp news

Ratlam2 hours ago

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I am driving on a road. It is so spectacular, like a 3-D game road. Speedo meter is over 150. There are walls on both sides. Suddenly no vehicle or animal can come. There are sharp cuts, no potholes, tremendous greenery around. My dream is shattered as soon as a vehicle crossing me honks its horn. This is not a dream but reality, I find myself on a road in Ratlam district. This road of virtual life has become real.

An 8-lane expressway is ready under the Bharat Mala project in MP. As soon as it becomes operational, the distance of 1386 km from Delhi to Mumbai will be reduced to 12 hours. The distance of 244 km passing through Madhya Pradesh will be covered in just two hours. It does not mean that you will drive the car as per your wish. Cameras installed on the roads will make a challan as soon as you drive in over speed.

There is a world class passenger center at every 50 km of IR Expressway. From food and drink to petrol pump, EV charging station will be available here. If you want, you can also land a helicopter, you will also find a helipad at every passenger center.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi can inaugurate it in the last week of July or the first week of August. Daily newspaper The team traveled 244 kilometers of this road. Know whether a car can really be run at a speed of 160 here. Why is it being called the road of dreams?

The movement of vehicles has started from February 12 on the 247 km expressway from Delhi to Dausa in Rajasthan. This expressway will reduce the distance of major cities of Rajasthan, Haryana, Delhi, Gujarat and Maharashtra by 80 to 150 km.

Entry-exit from toll plaza only

To know the features of Delhi-Mumbai Expressway Bhaskar Team Ratlam reached 350 km from Bhopal. Here because this expressway in Madhya Pradesh is passing through three districts including Ratlam. Ratlam is the center point of the expressway. The distance from here to Delhi and Mumbai is almost the same. There is connectivity to this expressway from Dhamnod, 12 km from Ratlam.

This connectivity road on the expressway has been named as MP06. Meaning, this is the sixth entry-exit point in MP. Toll Plaza is also built in Dhamnod, which is 50 meters away from the expressway. Entry and exit of vehicles on the expressway will be possible only from the toll plaza. We also entered from here. You will have to pay toll tax to walk on it, but it will be calculated according to the distance at the last toll exit from the expressway. Toll will be deducted from the fast tag at the exit plaza.

Where Gadkari took trial, Dainik Bhaskar took speed test

First of all Daily newspaper The team measured a distance of 244 km from Dhabla on Rajasthan-MP border to Anas river located at Jhabua, adjacent to Gujarat border. Dainik Bhaskar also took a speed trial of 160 km on this expressway with the permission of security measures and project director Ravi Gupta. Even at this speed, we did not feel any shock. Union Highways and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari also took the trial at this speed. Trains can be driven at a speed of 160 kmph on the expressway, but for safety reasons, the speed limit has been fixed at 120 kmph.

The expressway is great, but there are some rules for driving on 8 lanes. This is so that you can reach home safely. Four lanes have been made on both sides of this 8-lane expressway. Three lanes are for three types of vehicles. There is a separate lane for the speed of 80 for trucks and heavy vehicles, 100 for buses and 120 for luxury vehicles including cars. The fourth lane will be for over take. Apart from this, connected stopping spots have been made at a few kilometers, where the vehicles that break down can be parked.

Entry-exit can be done at 7 places in MP

A total of 7 entry-exit toll plaza points have been made on 244 km of road in MP. It is named as MP 01 to MP07. Through this you can enter and exit on this expressway. The first point is in Mandsaur district and the seventh is in Jhabua district.

  • MP 01 The first interchange on entering MP from Rajasthan border is near Ratanpura village of Mandsaur. The distance from here to Delhi is 523 km and to Mumbai is 832 km.
  • MP 02 In Mandsaur district, another interchange has been made between Shamgarh-Bhanpura near Bardiyaamra village. The distance from here to Ujjain is 185 km. And the distance of Mandsaur is 81 km.
  • MP 03 In Mandsaur district itself, the third interchange has been made between Sitamau-Laduna near Dalavada village. Suwasra station of Suwasra Delhi-Mumbai railway track is 20 km from here.
  • MP 04 The fourth interchange has been built near Bhuteda village between Javra-Ujjain in Ratlam district. Two lane road of State Highway of Ujjain and Jawra is connected from here.
  • MP 05 This is the fifth interchange near Nayapura village near Indore-Ratlam highway in Ratlam district. From here Jhabua is 115 km, Mumbai is 674 km and Delhi is 608 km.
  • This is the sixth interchange between MP 06 Ratlam-Sailana. This point is 12 km away from Ratlam. The distance of Thandla is 70 km and Baroda is 230 km.
  • This is the seventh interchange between MP 07 Jhabua-Thandla. The distance from here to Jhabua is 20 km and Thandla is 7 km. Kushalgarh of Banswara district of Rajasthan also falls at a distance of 5 km from here.

Those 3 things of expressway, which are happening for the first time on any road in the country…

【 1 】 Toll tax will be charged according to the distance

Toll tax will have to be paid according to the distance traveled on this 8-lane expressway. At present, toll has to be paid at an average rate of Rs 1.40 per km on four lanes, but the rate of toll on expressway will be expensive. Here cars and other vehicles will have to pay toll at the rate of Rs 2 to Rs 2.20 per km. There will be a toll of about 7 rupees for truck-bus. Toll rates are yet to be decided. There will be no toll plaza anywhere on the expressway. Toll plazas have been built at the entry and exit points along the expressway. At the time of entry, a slip will be given and the cameras will capture the number. After this, when you will exit, the toll will be calculated according to the distance you have walked there. It will automatically cut off from the fast tag.

【 2 】The first expressway, which will be protected by SISF

It will be the country’s first expressway, which will be guarded by State Industrial Security Force (SISF) personnel 24 hours a day. Ravi Gupta, project director of the MP section of the expressway, told that for this force has been demanded from SISF. On May 9, the SISF team had also inspected the expressway with me. Before the inauguration, the movement of vehicles was started on this expressway. In Javra and Jhabua areas, miscreants looted several vehicles by pelting stones. After this the traffic on this expressway has been stopped. Keeping in view the security, the National Highway Authority of India has decided to deploy SISF. There will be continuous movement of the force for 24 hours on the Ratlam to Jhabua route.

【 3 】Petrol pump and EV charging station every 50 km

The expressway will have a passenger facilitation center built at every 50 km distance. There will be hotels, ATMs, food courts, single-brand food stores like Burger King, Subway, Mc Donald’s etc., retail outlets, petrol pump stations, charging stations. There will also be a maintenance center in case of vehicle breakdown. In the second phase, an electric lane is also proposed to be built between Delhi and Mumbai.

3 specialties of expressway, which will not be found on any other highway or expressway…

【Speciality 1】360 degree rotating cameras will monitor all the way

This express has 360 degree movement night vision cameras installed on the 244 kilometer route. Apart from these, NPR (number plate reading) cameras have also been installed to read the number of vehicles. All cameras will run from solar panels. There are Passenger Facilitation Centers built at every 50 km for cameras and Control Center in the office of National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) built in Ratlam. The connectivity of all the cameras is from the control room. In view of the possibility of damaging the cameras in the Jhabua part, they have been covered with mesh.

【Specialty 2】Irrigation of plants in green zone with automatic drip irrigation

A 20 meter area has been made a green zone in the center of this 100 meter wide expressway. Big plants have been planted in the center of this green zone and small plants have been planted side by side. To prevent the plants from drying up, automatic drip irrigation systems have been installed at every 5 km distance. This entire system will also run on solar energy. Four tanks of one thousand liters each have been kept here. Drip irrigation pipeline has been laid to irrigate plants having an area of ​​2.5 km each on both sides. From filling water in the tank to irrigating the plants, everything will be automatic.

【Speciality 3】If the speed is more than 120 then the challan will be deducted

A maximum speed of 120 km per hour has been set on the Mumbai Delhi Expressway. The speed has been fixed at 100 for buses and 80 for trucks and other loading vehicles. Entry of vehicles like bullock carts, auto rickshaws, tractors, bikes will not be allowed on the expressway. Doing so will attract a fine of Rs 5,000 on these vehicles. The challan will be deducted as soon as the vehicle is driven at over speed on this expressway. This challan along with the photo will reach the vehicle registration address. Apart from this, preparations are on to deduct the amount of the challan from the fast tag.

Where is the expressway of how many km in seven states, when will it be ready

  • Delhi This expressway starting from Haryana It is 139 km long via Rajasthan. This part is over.
  • Uttar Pradesh : A 31 km link expressway is also being prepared to connect this expressway with the country’s largest International Jewar Airport being built in Gautam Buddha Nagar. It will be completed by January 2024.
  • Rajasthan : 373 kilometer long expressway is being prepared in 13 packages. Traffic has started on 247 km from Delhi to Dausa. The construction of the rest is in the final stage. Will be completed by March 2024.
  • Madhya Pradesh : 244 kilometer express has been prepared in 9 packages from Bhanpura near Rajasthan border to Thandla of Gujarat border. Preparations are on to launch it in the end of July or August.
  • Gujarat : The work of 425 kilometer expressway in 16 packets is going on till the border of Madhya Pradesh. The target to complete it is June 30, 2024.
  • Maharashtra : 174 kilometer expressway is being constructed from Baroda to Virar JNPT container port in a total of 8 packages. It has to be ready by December 2024. Although the government is trying to prepare by March 2024.

Survey done by camel-bullock cart, cut the mountain and found a way

Ravi Gupta, project director of NHAI’s MP section, told that cameras have been installed at every kilometer in 244 km. Vehicle deduction system has been installed for challan. Jawara has a control system. All the tolls here will be connected. Whatever deduction will be done from the camera, the ambulance, crane, petrol vehicle will reach that place in response time through the control system.

Gupta told that where the expressway has been built, earlier there were fields, forests and mountains. When we used to go for survey in these areas, we had to go on camels and bullock carts, because cars could not go at many places. The difficult task of acquiring land from the farmers was to be done. Here Rs 4.50 lakh per bigha has been given. As soon as the work on the expressway started in January 2020, there was a lockdown due to Covid. Despite this, the work on the expressway did not stop.

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