Shekhar Suman gets annoyed when people call him a great comedian: I didn’t want to do Dekh Bhai Dekh or Movers and Shakers. Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Shekhar Suman She is still remembered for her performance in shows like Dekh Bhai Dekh And Movers and shakers, However, the actor recently revealed that he did not want to do either of the shows. He said that if he had a choice, he would never have done comedy on screen.
Talking to an entertainment portal, Shekhar said that he wants to stay away from comedy as he feels that comedy is a part of his talent and not his life. He shared giving his example that he is more interested in literature and deep things Bollywood The first festival which is based on the play Mrichchhakatika.
He further said that he gets angry when people call him a great comedian. He tells them that he does satire and it is different from comedy. Describing himself as well-educated, Shekhar said that Dekh Bhai Dekh was like an institution where he learned a lot. He also shared that the team of the show used to sleep only for four hours as they used to spend 18-20 hours in rehearsals and script-reading sessions.

Sometime back, Shekhar had opened up about the dirty politics in Bollywood when Priyanka Chopra spoke about leaving the Hindi film industry to pursue a career in Hollywood. He said that people gangraped him and his son to remove him Adhyayan Suman from many projects.
Shekhar refrains from revealing the names of those who have harmed his family because he is worried that Adhyayan’s career will be in jeopardy if he reveals the names. He said that he is waiting patiently to get justice for innocent people like him.