Shiv Sena’s mouthpiece Saamana wrote – Pawar’s resignation was a plan: Many in NCP had their feet in BJP, took retirement instead of seeing the party disintegrate

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An editorial has appeared in Saamana, the mouthpiece of Uddhav faction Shiv Sena. In which it is written that Sharad Pawar’s resignation was a plan. He had prepared his speech in advance. Those close to Pawar said that he was actually planning to retire on May 1, Maharashtra Day. But because of the meeting of ‘Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi’ in Mumbai, he announced it on 2 May.

Many in NCP have one foot in BJP. Rather than see the party disintegrate like this, Pawar took retirement with dignity. If such a thought has entered Pawar’s mind, then there is nothing wrong in it.

An earthquake can strike any time in state politics
Many NCP leaders made several attempts to persuade Sharad Pawar after his resignation. Fell at Pawar’s feet. Who are we without you? A faction of the Nationalist Congress Party has reached the threshold of the Bharatiya Janata Party and in such an environment that an earthquake can happen in the state’s politics, Pawar has created a stir by resigning. While targeting Ajit Pawar, it was said that his ultimate goal in politics is to become the Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

Many leaders said that Pawar had to discuss before resigning
Sharad Pawar’s resignation as NCP president came as a shock to several party leaders, including senior leaders Praful Patel and Jayant Patil. He is usually present in taking major decisions of the party. After Sharad Pawar announced his resignation, some party leaders told him that he should have discussed his decision. To this Pawar replied that if he had told about this decision earlier, efforts would have been made to stop him.

Pawar’s party stands and runs in his name
It is written in the editorial that Sharad Pawar has turned 80 years old. Still Pawar is active in politics. Pawar’s Nationalist Congress Party stands and is running in his name. The people present in the hall turned emotional after Pawar’s resignation. Jayant Patil said it right. Patil’s tears welled up. Patil said that you are the party.

We came into politics only after seeing you and ask for votes in your name only. If you are not there then why should we stay in the party? We also resign. Jayant Patil expressed the sentiment of the party workers and it is true. Pawar’s autobiography release function ‘Sangati’ would be shocking in this way, it was not imagined at all.

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