SMC: Sanitation Park to be built in Sambalpur. Bhubaneswar News – Times of India

Sambalpur : The Sambalpur Municipal Corporation ,SMC) is planning to develop a sanitation park in derision area here. Apart from the facilities offered in other parks, some equipment made from waste material will also be displayed.
SMC’s enforcement officer Subhankar Mohanty said the park would be developed on the concept of reduce, reuse and recycle. “People should know how the waste is collected from the houses, where it is brought and how the waste is disposed of. The proposed sanitation park will become a medium to make people aware about the garbage disposal system in the city. We have decided to develop the park on a land adjacent to the Dhan Kendra (waste processing facility) in Burla, which is spread over 6.84 acres,” he said.
Wealth centers consist of Micro Composting Centers (MCCs) and Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs). While biodegradable waste is converted into compost at the MCC, non-degradable waste is brought to the MRF and segregated there. Garbage pickers and scrap dealers collect the recyclable waste from the MRF and the non-recyclable waste is sent to the cement factory where it is used as fuel. The city generates about 110 metric tonnes of waste per day, of which about 55 metric tonnes is biodegradable or wet waste. Presently, nine Dhan Kendras are operational in the city and SMC is also developing 2 more such facilities.
Mohanty said, “We have planned to develop a sanitation park adjacent to the Wealth Center in Burla, as people who visit the park will also get an opportunity to know how the center works and how people work there ”
The Wealth Centers are run and managed by women self-help groups. At least 11 women work at each centre, apart from the supervisory staff. “The women working at the Wealth Center in Burla will also get some time for recreation once the park is developed,” he added.