Sonu Sood and Khabib’s video leaves netizens in splits, fans welcome them to Bollywood

Image source: Instagram/khabi00 Sonu Sood with Khabi Lam in Instagram video

Sonu Sood recently caught up with viral internet sensation Khabi Lam and made a video that will resonate with fans. Khabi is popular on social media for his style of videos in which he creates humor with his poker face expressions and his signature hand gestures. In his video with Sonu, Khabi retains his signature style and fans are loving the short but funny clip. Many people are sharing their funny comments on this, as well as it continues to be seen by millions of fans of Sonu and Khabi.

Sonu Sood made a funny video with Khabi

In the clip, Sonu Sood is seen pouring juice into Khabi’s glass. Since there was little juice left in the jug, to begin with Khabi’s glass was full but Sonu’s was not. Khabi again gestured with his hand as if to take Sonu’s glass. He tried not to let Khabi pour the juice from his glass. When Khabi insisted, Sonu gave away his glass only to realize that Khabi was only looking to use the straw to drink his juice and nothing else. At the end of the video, Sonu is lost in thought while Khabib makes his signature hand gesture.

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Reaction of fans on Sonu-Khabi’s video

Sonu Sood’s video with Khabi became increasingly viral. Many Indian fans were happy to see Bollywood star Sonu Sood with international social media content creator Khabi. One of the social media users wrote, “Welcome to Bollywood, Khabi (sic).” Another commented, “So proved that Sonu Sood is known for donating.” A third said, “Next video help sonu khabi reach home.”

Now this video has got more than 5.5 million views on Khabi’s Instagram post and it has been liked by many more people.

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