Stop vehicles only if traffic violations are noticed: Goa Police to officials Goa News – Times of India

Panaji: After alleging undue harassment by the traffic police by the general public as well as tourists, Goa Police Sub-Divisional Police Offices (SDPOs), Deputy Superintendents of Police (DYSPs) Traffic, Traffic Cells and In-charges of Police Stations have been directed to ensure that from now on vehicles are stopped only when traffic violations are noticed. Also, the violator should be challaned by the concerned Deputy Superintendent of Traffic/SDPO and Police Inspectors only.
Inspector General of Police (IGP) Omveer Singh said, “It has been reported that the traffic police are stopping the vehicles unnecessarily and unnecessarily in the absence of checking the required documents of the vehicles/motorists. Due to this practice, the general public is accusing them of undue harassment and causing inconvenience to them.”
Singh said that the police are meant to serve the general public and should be problem solvers and the main role of the traffic police is to monitor the traffic flow and focus on ensuring smooth flow of traffic.
“All SDPOs, DYSP traffic, traffic cells and I/C (in-charge) of police stations are ordered to ensure that the next vehicle is stopped only if a traffic violation is noticed,” he said.
“The defaulter/violator is to be strictly challaned by the concerned DYSP Traffic/SDPO and Police Inspectors. Also, get the documents of the defaulter motorist checked by the DYSP rank officer and the police inspector only. No other police personnel are allowed for this purpose,” Singh said.
Singh said that all the concerned Superintendents of Police (SPs) should ensure that the above orders are strictly followed, failing which strict action will be initiated.

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