Students in DK boycotted school due to teachers’ fight. Mangaluru News – Times of India

Mangaluru: It is often seen that students are given their marching orders by schools due to indiscipline, unacceptable behavior or non-compliance on academic grounds.
However, it is a bizarre story in which three dozen students were forced to leave the school due to a fight between their teachers.
All 36 students of DKZP Higher Primary School in Sonandur, beltangadiAfter a rift between three teachers at his predecessor’s institution, he stopped attending his classes and moved to a nearby government school.
Parents were finally persuaded to send their children back to school from next week after the teachers’ transfer orders were passed, with the intervention of an education department official.
An NGO associated with the school had also terminated its contract following complaints of interference in the school’s affairs and instigating parents to take their children to another school.
‘Teachers were asked to mend their ways’
According to officials of the Department of Public Education, the three teachers, all members of the same community and related to each other, were locked in a feud for the past three years over some minor issue – often washing dirty linen in public.
This resulted in poor management and affected academic and administrative activities in the school.
The issue came to the fore last week when all the students, with the support of their parents, decided to part ways with their teachers and join a nearby school in Kuvettu.
Belthangady block education officer Virupaksha told TOI that the teachers concerned had been asked to mend their ways on more than three occasions earlier as well, but to no avail.
“I met the parents, villagers and SDMC [school development and monitoring committee] members on Thursday. [education] The department has decided to transfer all the three teachers to other schools and the concerned parents have agreed to send their children back to the school from next week,” Virupaksha said.
An official of the Directorate of Public Instruction (DPI) said that initially the school had five teachers. One of them took the transfer, while the other opted for VRS.