Swachh Mulavakkad campaign gains momentum

Mulavukad Panchayat has come up with a proposal to remove garbage from all wards under the Swachh Mulavukad campaign.

In the last one month, 2,120 kg of plastic waste was removed from all the 16 wards of the panchayat. The campaign covered National Highways, PWD and Panchayat roads, footpaths and backwaters and canals passing through the Panchayat.

The campaign will be run in five phases. In the first phase, 820 menstrual cups were distributed to reduce the amount of non-biodegradable waste. The panchayat aims to distribute menstrual cups to all eligible persons by the end of the year.

In the second phase, garbage will be removed from public places. Cleanliness drive is going on on roads and canals. The collected waste will be handed over to the Clean Kerala Company. The campaign has been completed in 15 wards and the process involves cleaning of 70 roads and 52 canals.

The campaign is carried out by members of Harit Karma Sena, Kudumbashree, and Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Program (MGNREGP), ASHA workers, ward members and officials.

In the third phase, awareness boards will be installed in the Panchayat stating the need to reduce plastic waste. The tender process has been started in this regard.

Teams will be formed in the fourth phase. One panchayat level squad, 16 ward level squads and 100 mini squads will be formed to initiate punitive action against those found littering in public places.

In the fifth phase, beautification measures like setting up of gardens will be taken. They will be implemented with the help of Agriculture Department officials, Haritha Karma Sena, Kudumbashree and ASHA workers. Flower farms will be set up at all sensitive dumping sites, public offices and schools.