Sylvester Stallone knows how to break bad news; Write break-up texts for your daughters. English Movie News – Times of India

many of us remember Sylvester Stallone as ultimate fighter and action Hollywood The protagonist who knew how to throw a punch or two and had a tough demeanor aimed at completing missions and eliminating every obstacle that came his way. He seems to have shied away from his fatherly duties as well.
cysteine ​​and SophiaElder daughters of 76 years old rocky The actor, has revealed that dad, Sylvester, is the one who actually composes their breakup texts.
Sistine reveals that her father is extremely wise and experienced when it comes to writing break-up texts. Sistine further clarifies, “My dad is a scholar when it comes to our dating life, in many areas, in one area, he writes most of our breakup texts (sic).”
The daughters, 26 and 24, confirm that men know men best, and it’s good that their fathers help them out when situations get sticky in their personal relationships.
“I highly suggest girls go to their dads and get their dads to write breakup texts because men know men,” Sophia explains. Sistine agrees, explaining that men “are never mad [at her] To be honest” when she sends him break-up texts written by cunning (Sylvester).
in a new reality series called The family Stallone, Sly and his whole The family talks candidly about their lives, including their dating experiences.