Tamil Nadu Assembly adopts resolution seeking reservation for Christians and Dravidians

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin. (File Photo/PTI)

Meanwhile, the Tamil Nadu BJP accused the ruling DMK in the state of trying to get minority votes through this resolution.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin on Wednesday moved a resolution in the state assembly, urging the central government to extend reservation benefits to Adi Dravidians who converted to Christianity. All parties except the BJP voted in favor of the resolution.

“This respected House requests the Government of India to make necessary amendments to the Constitution to extend the statutory protections, rights and concessions provided under the Constitution of India to the people belonging to the Scheduled Castes, including reservation, as well as the Scheduled Castes who practice Christianity have been transformed, so as to enable them to take advantage of social justice in all aspects,” the resolution said.

After moving the resolution, Stalin said, “Depriving Dalits of reservation just because they have converted to another religion of their choice is not justified… It is an issue to be considered with sympathy.” Needed.”

He also argued that despite being converted, they are still considered Dalits. “People have the right to follow the religion of their choice. But changing faith does not change their caste tag…” the Chief Minister said.

Meanwhile, the Tamil Nadu BJP accused the ruling DMK in the state of trying to get the votes of the minorities through this proposal.

BJP state vice-president Narayanan Tirupati said, ‘The resolution is completely unconstitutional and communal. Stalin is trying to divide the society. As per the order, it is clear that SC status should be given only to Hindus, Buddhists and Parsis as untouchability was prevalent in these religions. If Stalin demands reservation, then he should come forward and say that untouchability is happening in Christianity. Stalin is deliberately trying to communalise reservation to confuse people and get minority votes. They are trying to suppress the genuine SC people with the benefits of reservation.”

The DMK, on ​​the other hand, made a firm point by claiming that those who have converted to Christianity have not been freed from the shackles that bind them.

Senior DMK leader TKS Elangovan said, ‘These recommendations were made by the committee constituted by the Government of India. Even though Dalits converted to Christianity, they were ignored by others. Even after conversion, he was treated like a Dalit. They are not treated at par with other Christians. Even after his conversion, people do not see him as a Christian or a Muslim, but as a Dalit. The problem with BJP is that they are new to politics. You shouldn’t take them seriously. They are known for their lies and lack of knowledge.”

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