Terrorists were planning to attack with robots in India: IED blasted in Shivamogga for Reiki, revealed in NIA charge sheet

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The National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Friday filed a supplementary charge sheet against 9 people in the Islamic State (ISIS) conspiracy case in Karnataka’s Shivamogga district. According to the charge sheet, the accused were about to undergo a robotics course to carry out terrorist attacks in future.

The accused had carried out an IED blast in Shivamogga to scare people and conduct recce at several places under the conspiracy of ISIS. They want to wage war against India by increasing terrorist incidents and incidents of violence in India.

All the accused are residents of Karnataka.
The agency in its chargesheet named Mohd Shariq (25), Maj Munir Ahmed (23), Syed Yasin (22), Rishan Tajuddin Shaikh (22), Huzair Farhan Baig (22), Majin Abdul Rehman (22), Nadeem Has been. Ahmed K A (22), Zabiullah (32) and Nadeem Faizal N (27) have been named as accused. All of them are residents of Karnataka. UAPA has been imposed on all the accused.

Five accused studied mechanical-electrical engineering
Charge sheet was also filed in March 2023 against 2 out of 9 accused Maj Munir Ahmed and Syed Yasin. On the other hand, five accused – Maj Munir Ahmed, Syed Yasin, Rishan Tajuddin Shaikh, Majin Abdul Rehman and Nadeem Ahmed – have studied mechanical and electrical engineering.

He was asked to take a robotics course to further the agenda of ISIS and carry out future terror attacks.

Shariq, Maaz and Syed radicalized their comrades
The agency’s probe has revealed that Mohd Shariq, Maaz Muneer Ahmed and Syed Yasin entered into a criminal conspiracy with foreign-based IS handlers to promote terror and violence. All three radicalized their comrades and recruited them into the organization.

Last year there was an IED blast in Shivamogga, Karnataka. On 19 September 2022, the Shivamogga Rural Police registered a case in the matter. On November 15, 2022, the NIA took the case in its hands and registered the case again. The investigation of the case is still going on.

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