The accused, who arrived for medical, killed the doctor: She was dressing on a leg injury, the accused stabbed 6 times with scissors

Kollam15 minutes ago

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22 year old Dr. Vandana Das died in the attack of the accused.

In Kollam, Kerala, the accused brought for medical treatment killed the doctor. The Kottarakkara police took the accused Sandeep to a taluk hospital on Wednesday evening to get him dressed for his leg injury. That’s why he killed the house surgeon Dr. Vandana Das with scissors lying on the table. He made 6 attacks, due to which Vandana was badly injured.

Vandana was taken to the hospital in Thiruvananthapuram, but her life could not be saved. On the other hand, after the incident came to light, the Kerala High Court is going to hear the matter during a special sitting at 1.45 pm on Wednesday.

Police brought Sandeep without handcuffs

According to reports, the accused Sandeep is an upper primary teacher. The police brought him to the hospital for medical examination without handcuffing him. When Vandana was dressing his leg. Then he attacked her back and chest with the scissors lying nearby. Due to this she was seriously injured. 5 people have been injured in Sandeep’s attack.

Accused Sandeep who became aggressive also ransacked the hospital.

Accused Sandeep who became aggressive also ransacked the hospital.

Sandeep had a fight with his neighbours, due to which the police took him into custody. He was hurt during the fight, so the police took him to the hospital. The accused Sandeep is a resident of Puyapalli.

Doctors strike in the state
After the death of Vandana, the doctors of the state have announced a 24-hour strike. On the other side IMA is trying to postpone the strike. For this the meeting of the action committee will be held at 1 pm. The incident took place at 5 am and the doctors had declared a strike at 8 am.