The court cannot allow untouchability to continue: Madras High Court said – a community was prevented from worship, such incidents should hang their heads in shame

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Madurai13 minutes ago

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The picture is of the Arulmighu Sri Mangala Nayaki Amman Temple in Pudukottai, Tamil Nadu.

The Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court, while hearing a petition, said that it cannot allow the practice of untouchability to continue. Nor can remain mute spectators. Justice PT Asha said- If even after 75 years of independence, a particular community is being prevented from entering temples, then such incidents should hang our heads in shame.

The court was hearing a plea by Mathi Murugan, seeking to appoint him as an official in the Arulmighu Sree Mangala Nayaki Amman temple and allow his community to participate in the temple’s festivities.

What was the matter of ban on entering the temple
Recently, M Mathi Murugan was denied entry into a temple in Pudukkottai district. He appealed against this in the court. Mathi said that some people are claiming to be superior just because of their birth in a particular community. These people do not allow Mathi and the people of his community who come in the schedule cast to enter the temple.

Mathi said that no one is allowed entry even during the festivals of the temple.

Mathi said that no one is allowed entry even during the festivals of the temple.

The decision of the Peace Committee was not accepted.
Mathi had said in his appeal that he was being discriminated against after an agreement had been reached in the village peace committee meeting. In which it was decided that people from the SC community would also be allowed to visit the temple, offer prayers and participate in festivals without any hindrance.

What did Justice Asha say…

  • It is unfortunate that even after 75 years of independence, marginalized communities are being prevented from offering prayers to God.
  • Acts where one community is preventing another community from worshipping. Seeing them, we should hang our heads in shame.
  • The Pudukottai district collector will see to it that Murugan and his community are allowed to worship at the temple like everyone else.
  • The court also directed the Revenue Divisional Officer to intervene in case of any problem and take necessary action.

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