The process of land acquisition for Atal Progressway will start soon. Kanpur News – Times of India

Kanpur: The process of land acquisition has started for the 411.5 kilometer long Atal Progressway coming out of Kota. Rajasthan Rajasthan And the work of connecting Etawah with the Bundelkhand Expressway will start soon. After taking entry from Bhind district of Madhya Pradesh, the expressway will reach Belahar village near Bundelkhand Expressway, for which land of 27 villages of Etawah district will be acquired. Most of the villages to be acquired will be of Bharthana tehsil. The length of the expressway will be 411.5 km.
Gwalior unit of National The Highways Authority of India has finalized its route chart through a private agency and sent it to the district administration to start the acquisition process. The cost of the expressway is estimated to be over Rs 13,000 crore and will cover a length of 36 km in the district. Passing through Gati village of Bhind district, it will pass through seven villages of Etawah tehsil, 16 villages of Bharthana tehsil and four villages of Takha tehsil. NHAI has directed the district administration to acquire the land under section 3A. Additional District Magistrate Jai Prakash Said, “This expressway will also pass near Virari village on the Agra-Kanpur highway. It will become easier for those traveling to Kota city of Rajasthan. We are preparing to start the process of land acquisition for Atal Progressway. Around 27 villages have been reduced to zero in the acquisition process. Compensation against acquisition will be given as per circle rate norms.