The story of both the sons of Atiq, who are in jail: do not drive luxury vehicles themselves, 4 riflemen walk together to make noise; Umar took command in the election

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After the murder of Atiq Ahmed, everything came to an end. Only his name remains. Now the question is who takes over the broken mafia empire again. Who can stake claim from Allahabad City West seat in future? The first two names that come to mind while searching for answers to these questions are Atiq’s two elder sons. who are currently in jail.

Atiq’s eldest son Umar has little political experience. The second son Ali is politically raw, but activism and popularity among Muslim youth is good. We talked to some of his friends regarding both the sons. Removed the old criminal records of both of them. Let’s know everything…

Umar was accused of assault at the age of 17
In 1996, Atiq Ahmed married Shaista Parveen, the graduate daughter of Police Constable Farooq. Two years later, Shaista gave birth to Umar. Atiq got Umar enrolled in St. Joseph’s School, Civil Lines. After Umar, Ali and Asad also studied in this school. The remaining two minor sons are currently students of class 12th and 9th, but due to being in the child reform home, they are no longer coming to school.

This kid sitting with Ateeq-Shaista is Umar. The picture is from around 2002.

Umar was the best in studies among all the five children of Atiq. His name did not figure in any controversy during his studies. Once a sports competition was going on in the school. Ali was representing his class. When his team lost in the match, there was a dispute. His team beat the players of the other team. After which the matter reached the police. The school administration named Umar along with Ali and Asad.

Umar reached out to the principal, Father Thomas. Said- “Father, I was definitely present in the school at that time but I was not involved in any fight. My name is being dragged forcibly.” Later, when the police investigated, Umar was not found involved.

Liked expensive things but never showed father’s pride
A girl studying in Kazmi Coaching from Prayagraj tells that Umar used to study along with her, never spoke loudly to anyone. He does not show his father’s glory. He was fond of expensive things. No one else had the things that he had. Many times he used to come in expensive vehicles but at that time he did not drive, there was some or the other driver.

Umar is standing with luxury vehicles in the photo.

Umar is standing with luxury vehicles in the photo.

After completing his 12th standard in 2017, Umar chose Uttarakhand to study law. He went there and started studying but due to the Phulpur by-election in 2018, he returned again and then did not go anywhere for studies.

Both sons are fond of weapons, 4 riflemen used to walk together for Bhaukal
Atiq had money. There was power. This affected the children as well. Umar and Ali were older, so whatever they wanted, Ateeq fulfilled that demand. When asked for expensive vehicles, Atik bought BMW and Land Cruiser. But the sons were never allowed to run by themselves. The reason for this was the heavy engine of these expensive vehicles. That’s why the driver used to drive and he used to sit. And the other vehicle in which he used to drive vehicles like Pajero, Fortuner.

If an invitation came from somewhere and Ateeq could not go there, Umar and Ali used to go. Two vehicles and at least 4 riflemen used to go with them for security. On the other hand, if a program was held in Atala or Kareli and it was held at a special person’s house, all the five sons used to attend. Then about 50 people would go along. In this, more than 10 people were under security with rifles. Ali and Assad were fond of the weapon, so they were often photographed with it.

Atiq used to teach his children and also to do illegal work.
Atiq wanted his sons to study well. That’s why everyone’s tuition was also arranged after school. Mother Shaista used to take care of the education of the children. Atiq was the political teacher of his children, he used to tell and explain political things to them. He would also give information about his illegal activities. While Umar remained serious about political matters, Ali and Asad showed more interest in illegal works.

Ateeq would often take Umar to rallies and introduce him to people.

Ateeq would often take Umar to rallies and introduce him to people.

Umar was often seen with his companions in Civil Lines and Jansenganj. He had a special fondness for photography, so many times he used to take photographers of his age to different places for photography. Even there was no criminal case registered against both the sons.

In 2016, Atiq assaulted at Schutts University. On getting SP ticket from Kanpur Cantt, a rally of 500 vehicles took out. It happened that the party canceled the ticket. When the BJP government was formed, Atiq was put in jail.

When Ateeq was in jail, Umar quit his studies and campaigned
When the BJP government was formed in 2017, the then Phulpur MP Keshav Prasad Maurya became the deputy CM. The Phulpur seat fell vacant. No party gave ticket to Atiq in the by-election, so he announced to contest as an independent. But there was concern about how the publicity would be because Ateeq was in jail. Then elder son Umar left studies from Uttarakhand and came back. He himself took up the entire responsibility of the election campaign.

This picture was taken during the campaign.  When Umar used to appeal to the people to vote for Atiq.

This picture was taken during the campaign. When Umar used to appeal to the people to vote for Atiq.

Umar started campaigning. In a day, he would hold election meetings from Phaphamau to Lalgopalganj and from Mauaima to Holagarh. His brother Ali looked after the entire management. In his speech, Umar enumerates Atiq’s deeds and says, “Your MP has been put in jail under a conspiracy. You tell yourselves, has our father ever harmed you, has he never listened to you?” ?” The speech would have been such that the public would have clapped. However, when the elections were held, Nagendra Singh of SP won. Ateeq got only 15,855 votes.

  • After this election, it was believed in the area that Umar would become Atiq’s political successor. But in 2021, Ali’s speech made himself a contender.

Ali said, raise your flag not someone else’s
2017 has come to 2021. Atiq Ahmed remained in jail. While searching for political ground here, Shaista Parveen joined Asaduddin Owaisi’s party AIMIM. At that time, Ali Ahmed took over the responsibility of campaigning for the party. A meeting was held at Atala. Asaduddin Owaisi also came. Ali gave a long speech of about 10 minutes on the dais.

In that speech, Ali says, “I told my mother that father is in jail for 26 years fighting against oppression. Uncle is in jail. If I also die fighting against this oppression, don’t shed tears.” Then my mother says, I have three more sons after you. I will make a flag by tearing my lap but I will not bow my head in front of anyone.

In this speech he talks about the unity of the Muslims. Ali says, “Now it is necessary not to raise anyone’s flag, if we talk then we should talk about ours, if people are ready to walk with us for our rights, then remember that we are the people who give their lives for our rights.”

Ali’s speech after Asad’s encounter is being made viral by saying that it is Assad’s. While this is Ali. Before 2022, such a situation was created in the family that no one came forward to contest the assembly elections. Later Shaista Parveen joined BSP. Mayawati declared him as the mayor candidate but ticket was cut after Umesh Pal murder case.

At this time one son is Naini and the other is locked in Lucknow.
Umar is currently lodged in Lucknow jail. He is accused of abducting real estate businessman Mohit Jaiswal at Krishna Nagar police station in Lucknow on 28 December 2018 and taking him to Deoria Jail near Atiq and thrashed him. Got the property worth 45 crores in his name. When a case was registered in the police station, Umar absconded. The police declared a reward of Rs 2 lakh. He surrendered in the court on 23 August 2022.

Ali was accused of demanding extortion of 5 crores from his relative Zeeshan on 31 December 2021. Zeeshan got the case registered at Kareli police station. After which Ali absconded. The police made a reward of 50 thousand. He surrendered in the court on 31 July 2022. Since then he is lodged in Naini Jail.

At present, there is no possibility of getting bail soon. But there is every possibility that when they come out, the situation will be normal then they will definitely enter the election field.

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