This has nothing to say on the ‘#DearNothing controversy’ – Times of India

The #DearNothing hashtag went viral on social media platforms soon after the launch of Nothing’s first smartphone. nothing call 1. , The #hashtag expressed resentment and anger towards the brand for not sending review units to YouTube. It started after popular YouTube channel ‘Prasadtekintelugu’ released a video which claimed to have received an empty box from Nothing at all Inside a letter read: “Hi Prasad, this device is not for South Indian people. Thank you.” Most of the people did not understand the video and assumed the letter to be genuine. Social media platforms were flooded with screengrabs of ‘fake letters’ doing nothing. Ultimately, nothing has been commented on the controversy. Manu SharmaThe Vice President and General Manager of Nothing India shared the company’s reaction on Twitter. Here is the letter shared by Sharma.

We are overwhelmed by the love and response we have received so far. Phone (1) is our first smartphone. As we progress in this journey, we are constantly learning and not learning.
We believe in having transparent and respectful communication; Be it with our community, consumers, partners or media friends. In light of recent events, we want to set the record straight
* For us, the content is bucketed across India across all media verticals like print, online, blog, broadcast, (not just) Youtube to name a few.
*For Nothing phones (1) We had plans to ship devices that were to be rolled out in a phased manner.
* As part of the roll out, several content creators, including regional language journalists, have received units.
This is not just because we are a new brand but it is the standard across the industry. The content creators in question were always part of the post-launch roll out plan.
However, at this point this review is not about the units. It is about ‘Fake Letter’ that was removed from the ‘Fake Nothing’ box without any disclaimer. This has been misunderstood by many as an official communication from our side.
As a brand new one, our journey will be full of bouquets and brickbats. We know that. But misrepresentation and misleading claims are absolutely not acceptable.
This is just the beginning of our journey and we cannot wait to see the phone (1) in the hands of our entire Indian community in the coming weeks and months.