Titan: Twitter will allow users to ‘publish a book’ on the platform – Times of India

Twitter started as a microblogging platform that allowed users to share their thoughts in only 140 characters. company owner Elon MuskIt is now said that the social media site will allow users to write a book on the platform. Twitter recently renamed its Notes feature to Articles. Available under Creator Studio Tools, the feature allows users to write long-form content on the platform. Twitter owner Elonmusk also shared a tweet to announce that Notes is getting a big change that will be more than just renaming articles. Musk said that Articles would eventually allow users to post “very long, complex articles with mixed media” and that users “could even publish a book if you wanted to.”

The company hasn’t officially announced a release date for the new version of Articles. More details on how this feature will work will be known when it goes live. Twitter has also started giving a share of advertising revenue to Twitter Blue creators. Hence, the company can integrate it with long-form content such as articles.
How this feature can help Twitter
Twitter is working to bring long-form written content to the platform after shutting down its Substack rival, Revue. Updated version of Twitter tool seems to be resurfacing review By adding features like mixing media into posts and integrating them tightly into the platform.

With the new version of Articles, Musk may have plans to build a more closely integrated Substack competitor. News has been a major part of Twitter, however, so users have had to read articles from outside. These new changes will enable publications to post news directly inside the platform. This will help Twitter to integrate articles as aggregation services

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