Trees uprooted from flipped cars, video shows devastation from powerful Florida tornado

The National Weather Service confirmed the tornado hit the city.

A powerful tornado overturned cars, uprooted trees and destroyed buildings in the US state of Florida on Saturday due to severe weather. Several horrifying videos shared on social media showed the devastation caused by the powerful tornado.

A viral video showed cars stacked on top of each other in an open parking lot and damaged buildings, one with a torn-off façade and another with fallen gutters.

Another clip captured the moment a small vehicle was dramatically thrown into the air after a gust of wind rolled it over several times, to the surprise of others on the highway. Video shot from inside another car showed debris moving across the road as cars were tossed by strong gusts.

Other footage showed the tornado passing through communities. “Florida | Another video of tornado damage in the Palm Beach area,” the Twitter post’s caption read.

According to new york post, the National Weather Service confirmed that the tornado touched down in the city. one in do“We are currently in the process of surveying the damage along the path of the tornado and will release more information once our survey is complete,” the agency said.

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In follow-up tweets, the weather page said a tornado watch would be in place for most of Florida for Sunday. “Another active weather day with strong winds, hail and even a few tornadoes is expected across the SFL. The prime times for activity will be sunrise-mid morning for NW areas and late morning-afternoon for the East Coast. ” Where is the service?

Nearly 12 million people across the state are placed under Level 2 risk for severe weather.

According to the outlet, the storm was traveling from Texas into the Gulf of Mexico, which was battered by hail and strong winds on Thursday. Officials said the peninsula could also be a victim of damaging winds, tornadoes, large hail and heavy rain through Saturday night.