Truck carrying 2.5 tonnes of tomatoes hijacked in Karnataka: The windshield of the car was shattered in the collision; Car riders asked for compensation, if not received then took the truck

Bangalore33 minutes ago

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A truck carrying 2.5 tonnes of tomatoes was hijacked in Karnataka. The incident took place on Saturday at Chikkajala near Bengaluru. The police have registered a case on the complaint of the farmer and the search for the accused is on.

Police said that Mallesh, a farmer from Chitradurga, was going to Kolar with tomatoes. On the way the truck collided with a car. The glass of the car was broken. 3 people in the car stopped the farmer and the driver. The accused abused both of them and demanded a huge amount as compensation. The farmer did not have money. He tried to explain but the accused captured the truck.

Police said, the accused knew that the farmer did not have money. In such a situation, he pushed the farmer and ran away with the truck. Last week, a farmer had lodged a case of theft of tomatoes worth Rs 2.7 lakh in Belur.