Türkiye gifts Mexico a German Shepherd puppy. here’s why

The dog has been named ‘Arkadas’ – which means “friend” in Turkish – after an online vote

Mexico City:

Mexico’s military on Wednesday welcomed a new sniffer dog, a gift from Turkey after a Mexican rescue dog died in the line of duty helping find survivors of February’s massive earthquake near the Syrian border. Was doing.

A three-month-old German Shepherd will join Mexico’s renowned canine unit, which specializes in helping find survivors in a country prone to earthquakes and other natural disasters.

The black-and-beige fur-ball with ears and big paws has been named ‘Arkadas’ – which means “friend” in Turkish – following an online vote.

The army said that Arkadas would be trained by the same trainer who took care of Proteo, the rescue dog who died on the mission in Turkey.

Mexico deployed rescue dogs to Turkey after a magnitude 7.8 earthquake shook a vast region near the southern border with Syria, killing at least 54,000 people in both countries.

Mexico paid tribute to German Shepherd Proteo at a military funeral earlier this year.

Wearing a padded green harness featuring a small Mexican flag, Arcadas was welcomed into the force on Wednesday at a military base in Mexico City in a formal ceremony that included his new canine and human allies, who stood at attention stood up to give.

The excitable pup barked as the Mexican national anthem rang out over the speakers.

The Mexican Ministry of Defense tweeted on behalf of Arcadas, “Thanks to my friends in Mexico who have so warmly welcomed me, I promise to do my best to be a great search and rescue dog.”

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