Twitter back after over 2 hours of outage – Times of India

Twitter Is back after a major outage lasting over 2 hours. According to Downdetector’s website, the power cut started around 5 pm. The DownDetector website tracks Internet outages around the world. The website is now working fine to twitter.
Twitter users reported problems with the Twitter app as well as the website. When the domain twitter was opened, the tweets were not loading properly.
The extent of the outage is not yet known as the Twitter app as well as Twitter Web worked fine for some users while it did not for others. Similarly, how many users were affected globally is also not known, but according to tweets and downdetector, Twitter users in the US suffered outages.
“Tweets not loading yet,” came the message for users for whom the microblogging platform was not working. Incidentally, Twitter’s own status page showed the message “All systems operational”. There was no mention of any error on the page.
This is the second major loss to Twitter this year. Twitter went down twice in a week in February this year. This Is the First Outage Since the Company’s ‘Troubles’ With Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk started.

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