Twitter bans over 11 lakh Indian accounts, know why – Times of India

Elon Musk-owned Twitter has banned a total of 11,32,228 accounts in India between April 26 and May 25. These accounts were banned for policy violations related to child sexual abuse and terrorism.
According to the company, most accounts were banned for abuse/harassment (264), followed by hateful conduct (84), sensitive adult content (67) and defamation (51). It also removed 1,843 accounts for promoting terrorism on Twitter. in country.
In its monthly report, the social media company said it received 518 complaints from users in India through its complaint redressal mechanism during the April-May time frame. “We overturned the suspension of 25 of these accounts after reviewing the specifics of the situation. The remaining reported accounts will remain suspended,” the company said in its report published this week.
The new IT rules 2021 make it mandatory for large digital and social media platforms with more than 5 million users to publish monthly compliance reports.
It added, “We received 29 requests relating to general questions about Twitter accounts during this reporting period.” Twitter said it processed 90 complaints that were appealing account suspensions.
Last month, Twitter announced that it had banned 25,51,623 accounts in India between March 26 and April 25.

twitter walls access tweets
This development comes after Twitter banned accounts and required users to log in to access any tweet on the platform. epic games Boss Tim Sweeney criticized the move in a tweet.
“News sites have been paywalled or account walled, Reddit has been nag walled, Google spams search ads and SEO to the point of no use, and now Twitter account walled. Web browsing looks awful now,” he said.
Responding to his tweet, Musk Tweeted: “Several hundred organizations (probably more) were scraping Twitter data extremely aggressively, to the extent that it was affecting the actual user experience. What should we do to stop it? I’m open to ideas.”
Sweeney asked Musk to limit scraping and take legal action against companies abusing the service, to which Musk replied that Twitter would “take legal action against people who stole our data and look at them in court”. Looking forward to, which is (hopefully) 2″ to 3 years from now.”