Twitter is down for many users – Times of India

Twitter is stalling. Tweets not loading even on Apple iOS of the app Android versions as well as web. It’s not yet clear how widespread the outage is, as the Twitter app – both iOS and Android – seems to be working fine on some devices. It’s the same for Twitter Web. Also, regions around the world, including the US, seem to be affected.
“Tweets not loading yet” message is showing for users for whom the app is not working. While the main domain loads on the app, users are currently unable to access the Tweets.
The Downdetector website, which tracks outages on the Internet, is showing outages from 5 pm IST. However, Twitter’s own status page is showing the message “All systems operational”. According to Downdetector, the majority of users have reported problems with Twitter’s app, with 30% on the Twitter website and 8% complaining of a server connection problem.

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