Twitter is facing a huge loss! Thousands of people unable to log into their accounts

New Delhi: Twitter is facing a significant outage, which started at around 5:35 pm Indian time. On Downdetector, an online platform that provides users with real-time information about the status of various websites and services, several users filed their complaints.

Problems with the microblogging platform meant that many users were unable to view their feed, likes and comments on other posts. However, some users were not impressed and were busy taking a dig at the never-ending outage with Twitter. (Also read: Need for mixed finance, leveraging private capital to achieve SDGs: FM Sitharaman)

In addition, when opening Twitter, the home page states that “all systems are working,” even though users complained of not being able to sign in to services or access because the main URL failed to load. Stayed. (Also Read: Tata Consumer Products Enters Honey & Preserve Segment With Himalayan Brand)

In 2022, this is the third time that Twitter has shut down. The first two hiccups came in the month of February, when the microblogging platform went offline twice in a single week.

The company said it was a technical issue that was preventing Timeline from loading and posting tweets. However, in both cases, Twitter was quick to respond to complaints to ensure that the platform was up and running in no time.

The Twitter outage comes at a time when Tesla CEO Elon Musk pulled out of a $44 billion deal to acquire Twitter. In a recent spat between Musk and Twitter, the former shared a poop emoji on the microblogging platform after the company slammed Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal by Tesla CEO as evidence of his “abusive” behavior towards the platform. Former Poop Emoji Answer Submitted.