Twitter’s New Policy – Hate Content Won’t Be Removed, Will Be Stamped: Hate Traders Were Dodging Filters With Spelling Mistakes

New Delhi31 minutes agoAuthor: Mukesh Kaushik

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In a social media post, if there is an exclamation mark ‘!’ instead of ‘I’ in Hindu or Islam. If you find Ola instead of Allah, instead of ‘Ji’ in Jihad, English G is written, then it is not new fashion English or spelling mistake.

Hate traders have adopted tactics to avoid the AI ​​based hate filters of social media. This is a clever way to make hate posts out of Hindi-English khichdi and save it from being flagged.

These tactics are being adopted to avoid
By writing ‘Ola Ke Bande’ on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Insta, that post avoids being filtered because AI thinks it is a post against a taxi aggregator. Similarly, the post is being saved from being blocked by reversing the use of abusive words.

What is Twitter’s new hate conduct policy?
Twitter has created a new hate conduct policy. Posts that violate its policies will now be labeled. Tweets that go against his policies will be stamped- “Visibility limited This tweet violates Twitter’s rules against hateful conduct.”

Such tweets will not be removed. He will be considered freedom of speech, but his reach will be reduced. Twitter claims that such posts will be less discoverable.

Earning crores from Hate, Hate posts increased by 119% in a year
According to the latest report by the Center to Counter Digital Hate, accounts revolving around hate content on social media are making huge money. For example, there are fierce attacks against the LGBT community from 5 accounts.

They are generating about $6.4 million worth of Twitter advertising every year because of the huge following these accounts have. Such hate posts have increased by 119% in a year. The center found that a year ago, there were 3011 posts degrading the LGBT community, which has now increased to 6596 per day.