Two Kaliyasam plays by Antharanga on 22nd July

A play by Kailasam. , Photo Credit: Handout E-mail

Team Antaranga, a Kannada theater troupe founded by theater artist Uncle Shyam, will present “Home Rule” and “Kailasam Jhalak” on Saturday at 7.15 pm at Dr. C. Ashwath Kala Bhavan, NR Colony.

The first play is by TP Kailasam, who wrote Kannada plays before independent India. Both the plays are directed by YV Gundu Rao. “Home Rule” is a comedy drama that revolves around a helpless husband caught between a domineering wife and a nagging mother. Kailasam Jhalak is a drama revolving around the life of the famous writer.

The play is open to audiences of all ages. Tickets for the show cost ₹150 and are available at the box-office and bookmyshow.