UK dentists have warned people against the viral “turkey tooth” trend. why over here

The hashtag “Turkish Teeth” garnered over 130 million views on TikTok. (Pixabay/Rep)

A dental trend known as “Turkish teeth” involves traveling abroad for low-cost treatments, leaving hundreds of Britons with serious complications.

according to BBC, the trend was popularized by English media personality Katie Price and ITV’s Love Islands Jack Fincham, which involves inserting teeth into pegs and then replacing them with crowns or veneers. Patients can choose the size, material and color of these caps. The process is viral on TikTok where the hashtag “Turkish Teeth” has garnered over 130 million views.

However, UK dentists warn that the treatment could lead to patients facing hefty medical bills and serious dental complications.

According to the outlet, 48-year-old Lisa Martin flew to Turkey for 26 veneers last year, hoping to achieve a perfect smile for her son’s wedding. However, months later she learned that she had actually been given crowns—which comprise 60 to 70 percent of natural teeth—before a tooth cap was affixed to the top.

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10 months later, Ms Martin of Ireland is now plagued by ongoing nerve sensitivity and excruciating pain. She told the outlet that she has lost over 12 kilograms due to her being unable to eat properly. She also spent months relying on painkillers.

The 48-year-old said her pain culminated in an infection and abscess, leaving half of her face paralyzed. Now, UK dentists have told her that the only long-term treatment available is implants or dentures.

“Financially it’s going to cripple me, but that’s all I’ll pay after going to Turkey and tarnishing all my teeth,” she said BBC,

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About 600 dentists in the United Kingdom said they have treated both patients with crown-related complications and have seen patients who went to Turkey for their dental treatment.

“Sadly, many UK dentists are now picking up the pieces when things go wrong. We strongly advise those considering this to check the qualifications and experience of a dentist and see if things go wrong. If they do, they are insured,” warned Eddie Crouch, president of the British Dental Association (BDA).