Umesh Pal murder: Footage shows bid committed on February 21 Allahabad News – Times of India

Prayagraj: A detailed investigation into the sensational murder of lawyer Umesh Pal and his two police gunners has revealed that the assailants made at least three unsuccessful attempts to eliminate Pal, the key witness of BSP MLA Raju Pal. murder caseBefore succeeding on February 24, a CCTV footage of 4:17 minutes surfaced on social media on Wednesday, which purportedly confirms that the attackers made the first attempt on the evening of February 21.
While senior police officials remained tight-lipped on the fresh CCTV footage that went viral on social media on Wednesday, police sources claimed that the CCTV footage would help police officials compile additional evidence and link the chain of events.
Sources told TOI that the first bid to target Umesh Pal was made on February 21 but could not materialize due to heavy traffic congestion and presence of police vehicle nearby. In fact, it has been established that the attackers had taken detailed information about Pal’s regular route before targeting him. Sources said the attackers were well aware of Pal’s daily routine and were keeping a close watch on his route and movements since the second week of February.
CCTV footage from February 21 showed that all the assailants had reached Pal’s residence in Sulemasarai area shortly after his SUV pulled up outside his house. However, they could not succeed in their nefarious designs. Four of the main attackers can be seen together in this CCTV footage/video.
“After investigation and compilation of CCTV footage after the incident, it was also established that the assailants had one and only motive to destroy the sail. They had formed two teams to assist each other and carried out the murder in a well-planned manner,” sources told TOI.
The investigation also revealed that the police had managed to compile several video footages of the escape route of the assailants and this undoubtedly led the police to all the five main assailants – Armaan, Asad (son of Ateeq Ahmad), Ghulam, Guddu Muslim and Sabir. Helped to track down.
Asad, Ghulam, Vijay Chowdhary alias Usman and Arbaaz are gunned down by the police and STF. Guddu Muslim, Sabir and Armaan, all carrying a cash reward of Rs 5 lakh on their heads, are still absconding.
Earlier, a video of Umesh Pal’s attackers entering Bareilly jail to meet Atiq’s brother Ashraf in the jail premises went viral last month. This 2.12-minute video dated February 11 purportedly showed nine people including Asad, Ghulam, Guddu Muslim, Vijay Choudhary alias Usman, Sadaqat Khan and others leaving Bareilly jail after meeting Ashraf, who Was killed along with Atiq. , They had reportedly entered the premises on the same ID and stayed inside the jail premises for about three hours. Police claimed that the meeting was called to finalize the criminal conspiracy to murder Pal, a key witness in the 2005 BSP MLA Raju Pal murder case.
Gangster brothers, Atiq Ahmed and Khalid Azim alias Ashraf, were gunned down on April 15 by a group of three assailants inside the premises of Colvin Hospital in Shahganj police station area of ​​the city. The two were named as the main conspirators in the FIR. A case has been registered in Dhumanganj police station in connection with Pal’s murder.