US Consulate-Hyderabad introduces ‘Visa Surge’ days to meet rising demand; more slots for students

US Consul General in Hyderabad Jennifer Larsen (centre) with Consular Chief Rebekah Drameh, Public Affairs Officer David Moyer, Management Officer Audrey Moyer and Chief of the Political-Economic Section Sean Ruth at a press meet in Hyderabad on Wednesday. , Photo Credit: Nagra Gopal

The US Consulate in Hyderabad is introducing ‘Visa Surge’ days to create more slots to cope with the growing demand and special attention will be given to student visas as they face difficulties in getting a slot before classes start Does matter.

Consular Chief, US Consulate General Hyderabad, Rebekah Drameh made the announcement while interacting with the media along with Consul General Jennifer Larsen, Public Affairs Officer David Moyer, Management Officer Audrey Moyer and Chief of Political-Economic Section Sean Ruthe. Applicants should check the website and other avenues for visa surge days.

Ms.Drame said efforts were on to open more slots in June and July for students joining the August academic session in the United States, and similar openings would be made in November and December for those eyeing the January session Will go

Ms Larsen said the new US Consulate General-Hyderabad complex in Nanakramguda has the capacity to process 3,000 to 3,500 visa applications and services related to US citizens in a single day. The earlier facility could not process more than 1,100 applications. He said the US mission in India is on track to process over one million visas in 2023.

During his interaction, which is the first at the recently opened facility, he said the Nanakramguda office is the largest in South Asia in terms of staff and consular windows, and more than ever before for conducting visa interviews. There are also consular officers. in years. The Paigah Palace, Begumpet has 54 consular windows as against 16 windows in the earlier facility. However, all the windows are not operational now and will become functional in future as more consular officers are added.

Acknowledging the concerns of the applicants, he said that due to the best efforts of the staff in the aftermath of COVID-19, the waiting period for visa issuance has been reduced to less than six months. For faster services, drop box facility has been extended to all categories. The service period is not only short but also fast. Only first time visa applicants are required to appear in person and in remaining cases the consulate is encouraging them to use the drop box facility.