US man who cut down a neighbor’s tree for a better view may have to pay $1.5 million

Mr. Haber is charged with 32 counts of illegal tree removal, one of trespassing. (Representational photo)

A man in the United States who cut down 32 of his neighbors’ trees to get a better skyline view could now face fines and replacement fees of more than $1.5 million. new york post informed of. Sameeh Shinway, 40, a New Jersey resident, said his neighbor Grant Haber chopped down his quarter-acre oak, birch and maple crop.

Mr. Shinway said, “It breaks my heart. It makes me angry. These trees take a very long time to grow.” Shop,

Mr. Haber, CEO of an anti-terrorist company, has now been fined $32,000 – an initial fine of $1,000 per tree cut down. By law, it is also required to replace illegally removed trees with “another tree of a similar or superior species”. Additionally, Mr. Shinway said Mr. Haber would also have to factor in the cost of adding soil, removing invasive species and cleanup — a large undertaking estimated to cost $1.5 million.

According to PostThe fight between the two neighbors began earlier this year in March when Mr Shinve said he had caught workers felling trees on his property. “I heard the sound of saws running in the distance,” he said, adding that he got on a four-wheeler and went there to investigate.

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Upon arriving at the location, the 40-year-old man found a cemetery of chainsaw-cut conifers, whose ages ranged from 20 to 150 years. “I saw a landscape truck on my property, a dump truck-style truck, with a big, big shredder and four landscape contractors. They said… ‘The owner wanted a view of the city and the mountain range,'” he said. .

Mr. Shinve told the outlet that the tree cutters had climbed over a fence that clearly marked his property line. He then called the police who told the activists to “cease and desist”.

“I really care about [the woods], That’s why I became so angry,” he insisted, adding that in fact more than 32 trees had been cut on his land. “Cutting 40 trees for no reason and leaving them to rot, this is madness. I just want to change everything,” Mr. Shinway said.

Now, according to PostMr Haber has at least 32 counts of illegal tree removal and one trespassing charge. Two contractors hired by Mr. Haber to cut the trees could also be fined an additional $400,000.