US shares highly complex, consequential relationship with China: Blinken

The engagement between the US and China is important, Blinken said. (file)


Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Tuesday that the United States has a very complex and consequential relationship with China, adding that the engagement between the two countries is vital.

He also said that it is in the interests of the US and China to establish and strengthen their lines of communication—something that the rest of the world “expects us to do”.

Blinken told reporters, “What we’ve told our colleagues in the government in Beijing is important from our perspective in the engagement, because we also have a deeply complex and consequential relationship that matters to people in the United States and in China.” is important.” A news conference with his British counterpart Foreign Secretary James Cleverly.

“But beyond that around the world; that our two presidents agreed when they met in Bali late last year that it would be important to establish and strengthen our lines of communication; and we believe it is in our best interest to and anything the rest of the world expects us to do because we are expected to handle relationships responsibly.”

“And certainly because we have deep differences and I believe there is some responsibility to manage those differences not only so that the competition that we have doesn’t turn into conflict, but also where it helps our mutual interest and where it is to answer the need that the world has to find areas of cooperation, it is the way of engagement that we try to pursue both of those responsibilities,” Blinken said.

China was one of the major topics of discussion between the two leaders. “When it comes to key issues such as ensuring peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, as well as seeking ways to cooperate with China, where we can work together to solve major challenges around the world This is what people expect from great powers, and it is in our collective interest,” he said.

“I think it is also important to note that as we focused today, as we do on Ukraine, on some of the challenges presented by our respective relations with China, we equally focused on a broader agenda. did and that is the needs, the concerns, the imperatives for people around the world as they deal, and as we deal with the impact of climate change, food insecurity – as I’ve already mentioned – energy insecurity, global health, Efforts to deliver more inclusive economic growth through work that we and partners in the G7 can help lead and support as we prepare for the G7 leaders’ meeting, Blinken said.

Tactfully said that he recognizes China’s role in global affairs and how he responds to China’s actions will certainly be an ongoing part of bilateral discussions.

“I recently gave a keynote speech on the UK’s stance towards China, derived from our recent Integrated Review refresh. We made the point that we need to defend ourselves as nations – the UK is doing it , is in fact the United States of America — against China’s unwarranted activities. We also need to make sure that we forge alliances and strengthen the ones that already exist, as I am doing today with the United States of America. but also with our friends in the India-Pacific region,” he said.

“We have to engage with China directly, forcefully, regularly to influence decisions made in Beijing and do so in a way that benefits the whole world, whether it’s on maintaining peace in the Taiwan Straits, Which is certainly something that affects all of us no matter where we are in the world, for issues like climate change, pandemic prevention and response,” said Clever.

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