Used the washroom of Vande Bharat, Rs 1020. Fine: Had to go to Singrauli, the youth reached Ujjain; Railway officials said – cannot stop the train anywhere

BhopalOne hour ago

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A young man found it difficult to go to the washroom of the Vande Bharat train standing at Bhopal railway station. The youth had to pay Rs 1020 as fine. Not only this, he had to go from Bhopal to Singrauli, but he reached Ujjain.

The incident is of 15 July. Abdul Qadir, a resident of Singrauli, got down on platform number 3 of Bhopal station by Dakshin Express coming from Hyderabad along with his family at around 5.30 pm. From here he had to go to Singrauli by train. The Indore-bound Vande Bharat train was standing on platform number 4. Abdul boarded the Vande Bharat train to use the toilet.

They had just entered when the doors of the train got locked. A minute later the train left for Indore. Abdul told the train staff about himself. The train did not stop even after all his requests. When the train stopped on reaching Ujjain, they got down. He had to come back to Bhopal after traveling 200 km.

Wife and son had high fever, kept sleeping at the station

Abdul Qadir told that apart from the ticket checking staff, he also requested the RPF present in the train to stop the train, but no one listened to him. I was ready to pay even the penalty. He told that he has blood pressure, due to which he has to go to the washroom again and again.

According to Abdul, at that time his wife and son also had high fever. He requested everyone, but no one listened. They both lay alone at the station all night. Abdul says that in emergency the plane lands, but it is not right to do so here. After this he also had to pay a fine of Rs.

Abdul said – The incident is two days old. After the recovery of the health of the wife and son, he has tried to convey this incident to the responsible people through social media.

The staff of Vande Bharat also collected a fine of Rs 1020 from Abdul Qadir.

The staff of Vande Bharat also collected a fine of Rs 1020 from Abdul Qadir.

Passenger said – mental harassment for me

Abdul Qadir says, “There is no point in reaching Ujjain fifteen minutes before the scheduled time. Due to lack of emergency system in the Vande Bharat train, the whole family had to face financial loss and mental harassment. Wherever there is a possibility of loss of life and property, there must be an emergency system from the safety point of view.

In this case, railway officials say that the train cannot be stopped anywhere like this. It is the fault of the passenger, as he boarded the train for which he did not have the ticket.

It is necessary to have Vande Bharat passenger for emergency

Bhopal Railway Division’s Senior DCM Rashmi Baghel said that the Railways has built toilets at every station and platform. Can’t climb for toilet in any train. A situation like stopping a train in an emergency occurs when the passenger is a passenger of the same train. It is not acceptable anywhere to use the washroom by boarding any train while walking like this.

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