Vicky Kaushal says, ‘Internet can’t shake me when trolling hits home’, revealing his mother’s cruel taunts. Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Vicky Kaushal At present, he is the heartbeat of the country. The actor enjoys immense popularity among the ladies and has proved himself as an actor film after film. However, Vicky reveals that his mother harp skills, and the home environment keeps him on the right track and grounded. Vicky had earlier said that when stardom gets to his head, his mother brings him back to reality. Now, the actor has shared yet another example of how cruel his mother really is!

The actor told that in a survey his name was in the list of most liked men. But he was resting comfortably at home one day after a trip with his friends, where he ate a lot and had gained weight. Vicky told Film Companion that when he was freezing cold, his mother came and taunted him, saying, ‘This is most desirable.’ Vicky laughed further and said, ‘When at your house trolling happens, it keeps you grounded. (When you are trolled at home, it keeps you grounded). Internet Can’t move me,” he laughed.
Vicky said that his mother has some witty one-liners as Punjabi mothers are good at sarcasm. In the same interview, Vicky talked about his middle-class upbringing and how he never used his parents’ car before becoming an actor. The actor said that the values ​​of the middle class never really go away.

talking about Katrina KaifVicky said that it is a big support for him that Katrina told him like it is. This helps him to a great extent to observe reality from an objective perspective and take decisions. Vicky accepts that if Katrina has an opinion, he has to take it seriously as he knows it comes from a lot of experience, seeing ups and downs and a lot of intelligence.