VIDEO of a naked woman viral in the name of Manipur: Claim- Stripped off as part of a conspiracy to defame the police administration; know the truth

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Manipur Police has so far arrested 4 accused in the case of making two women parade naked in Manipur. Meanwhile, a nude video of another woman in the name of Manipur is going viral on social media.

It can be seen in this that this woman is attacking the policemen. She chases them away with a stick. Verified Twitter user I am Kesariya shared the video and wrote – What if he himself roams the streets carrying his private part. In Manipur, a separate team of naked women has been formed to protest against the police, they are chasing the police naked, that means, imagine what kind of conspiracy is going on there. ,archive,

Screenshot of the video going viral on social media.

Screenshot of the video going viral on social media.

On examining the viral video, we found several media reports related to the matter. It was told in these that this video of May 14, 2023 is from Chandauli district of Uttar Pradesh. Where the counting of votes for the post of Municipal Council Chairman was being done.

Sonu Kinnar was also an independent contender for this post. The administration had declared the victory of BJP candidate Malti Devi. The Kinnar community accused the administration of irregularities and protested the administration naked and demanded recounting.

Sonu Kinnar was declared victorious in the recounting. After recounting, the result of the counting of votes was released. In which Sonu Kinnar defeated BJP’s Malti Sonkar by a margin of 397 votes. The complete news related to this matter was published by Bhaskar 2 months back. Website But it was published.

Screenshot of the news published on Bhaskar's website.

Screenshot of the news published on Bhaskar’s website.

On May 15, 2023, the Twitter handle of the LGBTQ community, Yes We Exist, shared a post related to the matter including a viral video.

It is clear that viral video is being done on social media the claim is completely false and baseless Is. This video is not from Manipur but from Chandauli in Uttar Pradesh where the eunuch community protested against rigging in the elections.

A fake news, which fueled the fire of Manipur violence…
A photo went viral during the beginning of the violence in Manipur. This was a photo of a dead body of a girl kept in a bag. It was claimed that this photo is of a girl from the Meitei community, who was murdered by people from the Kuki community.

The photo went viral in the name of a nursing student from Manipur.

The photo went viral in the name of a nursing student from Manipur.

While this photo was of a girl named Ayushi, whose dead body was found on the Yamuna Expressway on the morning of 18 November 2022. Ayushi had married Chhatrapal Rajput, a resident of Bharatpur (Rajasthan), in an Arya Samaj temple about a year ago. Parents were not in favor of this marriage.

Ayushi did not go to her in-laws house even once after marriage and was living in her maternal house. On the afternoon of November 17, Ayushi had a fight with her mother. When the father came to know, he explained to Ayushi. When she did not agree, the father fired two bullets in Ayushi’s chest with a licensed revolver in anger. He died on the spot.

After killing Ayushi, the father bought polythene from the shop near the house. Packed his dead body in a suitcase in the afternoon. Put the suitcase in the car late at 3 am and threw it at 5 am on the Yamuna Expressway near Mathura, 150 km away.

The photo of this incident has already gone viral in the name of Love Jihad, whose fact check has been done by Bhaskar on his website. publish did.

Bhaskar requests its readers not to share any photo, video or message without verification.

Now know what is the reason for Manipur violence…

The population of Manipur is about 38 lakhs. There are three major communities here – Meitei, Naga and Kuki. Meitei are mostly Hindu. The Nga-Kuki follow Christianity. Belongs to ST category. Their population is about 50%. The Meitei community is dominant in the Imphal Valley, which covers about 10% of the state’s area. The population of Naga-Kuki is about 34 percent. These people live in about 90% of the state’s area.

how the controversy started: The demand of the Meitei community is that they should also be given the status of a tribe. The community petitioned the Manipur High Court for this. The community argued that Manipur had merged with India in 1949. Before that they had got the status of tribe only. After this, the High Court recommended to the state government that Meitei be included in the Scheduled Tribes (ST).

what is meitei’s argument: Meitei tribesmen believe that years ago their kings called Kukis from Myanmar to fight the war. After that they became permanent residents. These people cut the forest for employment and started cultivating opium. This has made Manipur a triangle of drug smuggling. All this is happening openly. He formed an arms group to fight the Naga people.

Why are the Naga-Kukis opposed?: The rest of the two tribes are against giving reservation to the Meitei community. They say that 40 of the state’s 60 assembly seats are already in the Meitei-dominated Imphal Valley. In such a situation, by getting reservation for Meitei in the ST category, their rights will be divided.

what are the political equations: Out of 60 MLAs of Manipur, 40 MLAs are from Meitei and 20 MLAs are from Naga-Kuki tribe. So far only two out of 12 CMs have been from the tribe.

There is more news…

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