VIDEO of the murder of a pregnant woman in Hisar: Husband got angry because of wife’s stay in live-in; hit the middle of the road with a sharp weapon

Hisar3 minutes ago

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One minute CCTV footage of the murder incident has come to the fore.

A live video of the murder of a 4-month pregnant woman has surfaced in Hisar, Haryana. Unhappy with his wife being in a live-in relationship, the husband killed his wife with a sharp weapon. He kept attacking his wife till she died. This matter is of Wednesday night. The incident is of Landhari village of Agroha block of Hisar. The deceased, 29-year-old Raj Bala, had left her husband and was living in a live-in with a person named Ashok for the past several months. Due to which angry husband Roshan Lal killed her. Police has arrested Roshan Lal.

Complete murder in 1 minute video
One minute CCTV footage of this murder has come to the fore. In which it is seen that a woman is going back home with Simran after getting vaccinated at Rajbala Primary Health Center (PHC). When she reaches near the gate, her husband Roshanlal is already sitting outside waiting for her in the park. On seeing the sharp weapon in his hand, Rajbala runs back towards the PHC.

Seeing this, Roshanlal attacks her from behind and she falls on the ground. Then he strikes 9 times in a row. He continues to attack even after his death. After that he used to walk outside. Then coming back to confirm Rajbala’s death, he strikes again for the 10th time. During this time no one could catch him. After the murder, he takes a lift on the bike and goes away.

Accused husband chasing his wife caught in CCTV camera.

Accused husband chasing his wife caught in CCTV camera.

Love affair started only after 2 years of marriage
Raj Bala was married to Roshan Lal in 2013. After which his son was born. Who is now 5 years old and lives at Nana’s house. According to the police investigation, Rajbala’s love affair with Ashok started in 2015, after two years of marriage. At that time Roshan Lal used to drive a tractor. After this, 10 months ago both of them ran away from home and started living in live-in relationship in Bhana village.

Panchayats were held many times to resolve this issue. The panchayat had decided to move him out of the village. Despite this, about a month ago, he again started living in the village. After which this incident of murder took place.

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